Justmop's Transformation Story

Justmop's Transformation Story


We’ll start by introducing ourselves. We are Cagatay and Kerem, founders of this amazing organization. We’re reaching out because we have an important announcement and message that we’d love to share. 

Let us begin with a bit of background. We started our company with a core mission to deliver solutions that help people get through their days more easily. We’re all looking to accomplish more. More experiences, more development, more personal and professional growth. We’re a society that’s always yearning for more. And in that journey, we have come to the realization that the leading benefit of our service is in giving you your time back. The time that you might have spent doing the laundry list of household chores that make up most of your free time. What might have started with a simple quest to make life easier became a mission to give people the freedom to do what they wanted with their free time. 

In turn, we expanded our services. We’re not just cleaning your homes. We’re providing healthcare, personal care, maintenance, pest control, moving services, and the list goes on. As our mission’s clarity crystallized, we began expanding our services and constantly growing our commitment to finding more and more ways to do the things that take your free time away. 

Therefore, today, we’re glad to announce that we’re renewing and affirming our dedication to this mission by renaming and rebranding our company. 


In short, we’re formally committing to continuing our journey and refocusing the organization, its partners, and customers on the drive to build solutions that give you more of your time back. Our intention is to affirm our belief that life is for living and that societies can work collectively to support each other in finding ways to improve our living standards. 

We’re here to help do all the things you might prefer not to do so you can focus on just life. Get it?

In close, we are prouder than we have ever been as we’re growing closer to delivering on this mission and are immensely grateful for your support across the years.

From all of us at Justlife, thank you and we hope to see you focusing more on just life! 

Cagatay & Kerem

Founders – Justlife

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