5 Cleaning Secrets To Learn From Hotel Housekeepers

5 Cleaning Secrets To Learn From Hotel Housekeepers

Hotel rooms are synonymous of cleanliness. Have you ever wondered how the hotel housekeepers keep each and every room spic and span? Do you wish to keep your home as neat and clean as a hotel room? Here are 5 cleaning secrets you can borrow from hotel housekeepers.

1) Clear the clutter: Never allow any of the room to be cluttered. Remove the trash from the waste bin in every room, clear the clutter from the bathroom counter and make sure that everything is kept in its place. This is enough to make your room look neat and tidy.

Clear the clutter from the room.

2) Dusting: Since dust is a major problem in Dubai, always remember to clean the surfaces that accumulate dust like the TV unit and gadgets, coffee table, side stands and any other furniture you think is likely to become dusty very fast. Always use slightly damp clothes that are made of 100% cotton. If microfiber clothes are not available, you can use cotton pillow cover and small t-shirts for dusting purpose. While dusting always remember to start from the top and finish at the bottom. Also, remember to provide the curtains and blinds with a proper whack so that all the dust falls apart.

Clean the surfaces that accumulate dust.

3) Vacuuming: Vacuum your furniture every alternate day to remove any dust from accumulating in it. Remember to use the correct attachment while vacuuming. Always vacuum before you mop the floor. While vacuuming carpets, start from the sides and move towards the center and then vacuum outward. This way you ensure that the high traffic areas are vacuumed twice.

4) Soaking up: There are certain areas like the shower walls, kitchen cabinets etc. that need a proper soaking before it can be cleaned. Hence, before you begin the cleaning process, remember to spray these areas with the required cleaning material so that it is well soaked by the time you are ready for cleaning.

5) Bedroom secrets: Always use a mattress protector to protect it from stains, mites and dust. The same applies to pillows as well. Use a fitted sheet to get a hotel like look. If you are confused as to which side of the fitted sheet goes where always remember that the tag would go to the bottom of the bed.

Use a mattress protector to protect it from stain.

6) Cleaning products: The biggest secret to the clean look in hotels is the cleaning products that they use. Always remember to carry a tooth brush, rags and other cleaning brushes along with a bottle of white vinegar. Keep everything in a caddy so that it is easily available as and when required.

Keep all cleaning products handy.

Following these tips not only ensure that your house remains neat and clean like a hotel but also ensures that dirt and dust accumulation is less inside your house.


  1. Ramayan Supply - August 12, 2017 reply

    Hey, Sunitha, this is a really interesting article and I learn a lot of thing from this. Genrally, In the hotel, we just see that housekeeper is doing their job but after reading this article I believe that we have to learn a lot of thing from the housekeeper that will definitely help us to make our room more neat and clean.

  2. Hi, Sunitha
    You have explained step by step cleaning factors and after the reading, I have enabled to cleaning complete house with your trick and you have a good writer.

  3. It really gives proper collaboration to understand the main theme step by step, keep it up

  4. Thanks for the tips. Very inspiring and useful indeed.

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