5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Holiday Guest

5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Holiday Guest

Holiday season is around the corner. In a tourist hub like Dubai, it is difficult to imagine a holiday without having guests at home. Hosting guests brings with it a mixed feeling of happiness and anxiety. How can I make everyone comfortable? Will the guest like the dishes I prepare? These are a few of the questions you will be pondering over. But there is no reason to bring in that anxiety factor if you have prepared well ahead of time. Here are 5 ways in which you can prepare your home for holiday guests

1) Clean the house: Before the guests come over, do a thorough cleaning of the house especially the guest room. Vacuum and clean the area under the bed, side table and dresser. If there are any other furniture or fittings in the room, the same should also be dusted and cleaned. Clean the mirror using a glass cleaner and newspaper.

2) Organize the bedroom: Arrange all essentials like blanket/comforter, pillow, towel etc in the bedroom. Make sure that there is enough space inside the wardrobe for the guests to keep their belongings. If you have stored any other items like a suitcase, bedding etc in the guest room, then you should clear it off. If needed, you can even purchase a foldable bed. If you are lucky enough to have a large guest room, arrange a chair and table for the guest to sit and relax. Keep items like drinking water, time piece, books, scribbling pad and pen and a few magazines on the table.

Organize the bedroom.

3) Organize the bathroom: Stock up the bathroom with essential toiletries like soap, shampoo, moisturizer, towel and tissue. If possible, you can even stock up new toothpaste and brush. Place a bunch of flowers on the countertop and light few candles to create a luxurious feel.


Essentials stocked up in a bathroom.

4) Prepare the kitchen: Having guest at home means you will require a lot of space in the kitchen for organizing and arranging things. Before the guest comes, clear the counter top off any dishes, bottles or other cooking items. Declutter the refrigerator and cabinets so that you have enough space to store items. If you have space in the kitchen, place small stool or chair in the corner so that the guest can sit and chat with you while you are busy cooking.

Clear the countertop.

5) Pep up the home: Once all the rooms are arranged you can pep up the home with small décor pieces. If needed, you can use a room freshener or place a potpourri of dry flowers with essential oils. Change the sofa cover and curtain and decorate a Christmas tree to bring in the mood of the season. If there are babies or kids coming over, make sure that you stock on some toys to keep them engaged.

Pep up the interiors with a Christmas tree.

A careful planning is all that is required to prepare the house for holiday guest. No need to fret and panic if you have done the planning well.

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