A Little Bit of Magic Wouldn’t Hurt Anyone

A Little Bit of Magic Wouldn’t Hurt Anyone

Sometimes everyone may feel they need some magic to get things done. We wish we could give you a magic wand to make this happen but we are not in a Disney movie. But instead, we can recommend something as magical as that; the magic eraser. You can easily find one from any brand on any supermarket shelf. Let’s have a look how this little fella can help you out plus save you time and effort.

Dirt & grime remover: You can use this magic eraser to clean almost any surface. You can cut it small pieces depending on the surface you are going to apply to make it last longer. The magic eraser will be your best friend when it comes to deep cleaning.

  • Windowsills: Sometimes we just overlook some part of the house. Windowsills are one of them. With the help of the magic eraser, you can clean them in just two minutes. All you have to do is to dampen it before you start cleaning.
  • Baseboards: Baseboards are another overlooked part of the house. You don’t have to ignore it any more thanks to the magic eraser. Dampen the magic eraser and wipe the area. Dry it with a paper towel. Rub the area with a dryer sheet to repel future dust.
  • Fridge handles: Fridge handles can easily and quickly become sticky and dirty. Just wet the magic eraser and clean the handles with it.
  • Keyboard: Researches show us that keyboards are containing more germs than the toilet bowls. Yuck! Take the corner of the magic eraser and rub onto your keyboard gently. Use an air duster to blow the dust bits away. Your keyboard is brand-new!
  • Computer: You can do better than just cleaning your keyboard. Your screen or laptop needs some care too. Use the magic eraser the same way you did for your keyboard.

Grease stains remover: You could actually get rid of those stubborn grease stains.

  • Oven, stovetop, microwave: Dried grease stains; a nightmare in the kitchen! Well, it shouldn’t have to be anymore. Of course, it’s better not to wait until they are completely dry but if you have them the magic eraser is your savour. Alternate between a wet and dry eraser and in the end your appliances will be sparkling again.
  • Dishes: Sometimes no matter what you do those grease stains are left behind on glass dishes. You can make your bakeware shine again with a little time and elbow grease thanks to the magic cleaner.
  • Plasticware: This tip will save you so many ruined bowls. Those sauce stains are not meant to stay there forever. Just use your magic eraser to get rid of them.

Bonus: The magic isn’t over yet. There are many other things you can do with the magic eraser.

  • Permanent maker: If this is not magic, what is? When things get out of control especially when you have kids you end up with a kind of art project on your walls with permanent marker. In that case, hold on to your magic eraser. Before trying to take it off with the magic eraser try on a small surface. You can erase permanent maker on almost any surface including glass and plastic.
  • Labels: Don’t we all have that one jar or glass bottle that we don’t want to throw away? Luckily with the help of the magic eraser, you can make it brand new by removing glue residue on them.
  • Silverware: The magic eraser is not the only way to polish your silverware but if you have it handy why don’t you give it a try? You will be stunned by the result.
  • Iron: Dampen your magic eraser, heat your iron and run the soleplate over the eraser.
  • Shoes: The soles of our shoes turn black so quickly. Instead of tossing them into the washing machine every time, use your magic eraser to clean them. For a better result dampen your eraser.

We would love to hear from you! Come on, tell us if you have any other hacks by leaving us comments.

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