Dusting Hacks That Will Save Your Time

Dusting Hacks That Will Save Your Time

Do you have the habit of procrastinating the dusting chore? Then you are not alone. Most of us tend to put aside this simple task just because we find it boring. We wait till the dust piles up, and our little one can draw their favourite faces on it. But dusting doesn’t need to be so boring if you find innovative and fun ways to do it.

Here are a few not so common ways of dusting which not only makes the task interesting but also saves your precious time.

Dusting the floor: Not all can afford the pad refills of the mop. If you find it too expensive, attach an old sock to the base of the mop and use it to clean the dust from the floor. You can even wash and reuse it.

Dusting the blind: Cleaning each slat of the blind is a time-consuming job. To make the task easy, wrap a piece of cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth, to the ends of a tong and use it to clean the slats. It not only makes the cleaning task easier but also helps in saving time.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring. 😉

Dusting lampshade: Dusting lampshade is not so easy as sometimes the dust tends to cling to the shade. To prevent this, use a lint roller and move it over the shade. The dust will easily cling to the roller.

Dusting décor pieces: Paintbrush comes handy for dusting small décor pieces. It can even be used to dust pleated lampshade. A toothbrush can be used to clean the dust from hard to reach areas of décor pieces.

Dusting ceiling fan: One of the major problems with dusting ceiling fan is that the dust tends to fall down and sometimes blow all over the room. In order to avoid this, use an old pillowcase and wrap it around each blade. Slowly slide the case such that the dust falls inside it. Once done, toss the pillowcase in the washing machine.

Dusting corners of the ceiling: Use a broom to reach the corners of the ceiling. The pointed bristles of the broom will easily grab the dust and help clean the corners.

Dusting lighting bulb: The working efficiency of a bulb is affected if it is covered with dust. To make the bulb glow bright, clean the surface with a piece of cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol.

To make the bulb glow bright, dust it regularly.

Dusting electronic appliances: A dryer sheet comes handy while dusting electronic appliances as dust tend to cling on to the sheet without leaving any scratch. For cleaning the space between the keys of a keyboard, use cotton buds as it can easily slide in between the keys.

One of the biggest problems with dust is that it tends to blow all over the room. To prevent this, switch on the HVAC system’s fan before you start dusting so that all the dust gets sucked up by the fan and remains trapped there. Once dusting is over, vacuum the area thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner.

If you still find dusting a cumbrous task you can always seek professional help. Book a maid service now!

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