Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak!

Time really flows away! Ramadan is going away for 11 months but giving its place to a wonderful festive time, eid! We bet you’ve already started your preparations. If you haven’t yet or feel like you need some motivation, we have a plan and a few ideas.

Let’s start with cleaning! These four days will be very busy and you will be having family members and guests. It’s better to start brightening up your house. If your house needs a deep cleaning after Ramadan, you can always seek some professional help. But if you’ve made a habit to spare 2 minutes each day for you house then you might handle it by yourself. Have a look at our post from here.

If you did not apply the 2 minutes rule yet, make a short list of what your guests will see and first start with those areas.
* To make your house shiny and bright start with wiping your windows inside out.
* Do not forget to rub the faucets.
* Take any garbage out.
* Vacuum the house.
* Dust every surface possible.
* Although it’s melting outside you should open windows time to time to change the air inside.
* Use air refresher.

Declutter your house. It’s the second most important thing about the house. A tidy house would look more bright and chic. Make sure that everything is in its place. Detect any misplaced items and decide what to do with them; should they stay or go?

A tidy house would look more bright and chic.

Why not decorate the house? A bit of decoration wouldn’t hurt anyone. You can use paper lanterns as well as real ones. Stringing up garland paper crescent, moon and stars will help you to bring a festive air to the house.

Bring a festive air to the house.

Decide what to serve for your guests. Don’t leave anything to the last minute. Decide what to prepare and shop as soon as possible. If you schedule your time wisely there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

Don’t leave the preparations to the last minute.

Get your outfits ready. It’s important to wear clean and nice outfits, especially during eid. So check your wardrobe in advance to see if you need a new outfit or if your outfits need to be washed before eid.

Money packets. Children will be waiting for this along with some candies. Don’t disappoint them. 🙂

Eid is about sharing and spreading the love. We wish you and your family a wonderful eid! Eid Mubarak!

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