How to Clean Fabric Sofas Like a Pro

How to Clean Fabric Sofas Like a Pro

Your sofa is where the magic happens in the house. You relax on it, you get together and play games or have long conversations with your loved ones and sometimes even have dinner while watching your favourite tv show. Its where you find yourself after a tiring working day. All these activities leave traces behind such as dirt, dust and stains. If you don’t keep your favourite place spotless it reduces joy and might cause some health issues such as allergies. To prevent any inconvenience give the needed care to your sofa. But while doing it you should be careful as you can damage your sofa. Follow these steps to make sure you handle your sofa cleaning without causing any damage.

Vacuum your sofa regularly: Small dust particles and food crumbs go deep in the sofa. That’s why vacuuming is a good start for sofa cleaning. The right vacuum cleaner will suck all the dirt and crumbs out and will leave you a clean sofa to sit on. Vacuuming is also important to get rid of allergens.

Get rid of bad odours: If you have four-legged friends sharing the house with you – or kindly let you live with them – this one is especially for you. Baking soda is a miracle when it comes to getting rid of bad odour naturally. It absorbs bad odour and kills bacteria. Sprinkle some baking soda and leave it at least one hour and vacuum it. You can alternatively mix baking soda with essential oils to freshen the odour. But test it on a non-visible surface to make sure it won’t leave any stains. We recommend refreshing your sofa with this trick even if you don’t have pets in the house.

Remove stains: This can be a risky and difficult task. We would recommend you to book a sofa cleaning session from a professional cleaning service. But if you insist on dealing with it by yourself again try it on a non-visible spot not to damage your sofa irreversibly.

  • Oil stain: Baking soda is a good natural alternative for any commercial stain remover product. Baking soda is a powerful absorber and this makes it an eco-friendly stain remover. Cover the oil stain with baking soda and leave it overnight. Vacuum it in the morning, clean the area with water.
  • Regular stain: Make a paste mixing baking soda and vinegar. Keep it aside for a few minutes until the foaming stops. Cover the stain with the paste overnight. The paste will dry and will be easily vacuumed. You can repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Seek professional help for sofa cleaning.

Whichever product or method you choose never forget to try it on a non-visible spot of your sofa otherwise instead of a clean sofa you would end up with a damaged and unwanted sofa in the house. Remember, you can always seek professional help. Justmop offers an affordable sofa cleaning service. Justmop’s professional sofa cleaning team survey your sofa to understand which products and method to use for sofa cleaning. The team vacuum your sofa with an industrial vacuum, remove the stains, apply the right cleaning agent, wash it and finish it with a machine which sucks out the maximum water and cleaning agent. Book a sofa cleaning session now!

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