How to Involve Children in Housework and Why?

How to Involve Children in Housework and Why?

Some people may disagree with involving children to help with housework. But in fact, it’s crucial for them to be involved for their future so they become responsible grown-ups who are able to look after themselves. There is no good in wrapping them up in cotton wool. By that, we don’t mean to put them in hard labour, of course not. But it’s for their own good to be responsible of some tailored chores to their age level. Let’s have a look at how to do this.

Be an example: And be a good one! Maybe you already know this or you are learning on the way but children like to copy their parents. Let them! If you complain about cleaning they would too or if you don’t make your bed every day you can’t expect them to make their own either. Seeing you making a home for them and the way you do it, it’s a great thing for them to learn. And day by day they will start to understand that house chores are a part of life. You have the power to show them what is right.

Do it together: You have to show them the right way to do it first. Plus it’s better when the family is together. Dividing one big cleaning project like deep cleaning would help things get done faster and better. Also, it can be a lot of fun!

Doing household chores together would also make it fun!

Make it fun: You know your children better than anyone else. Find a way to make it fun. You can make it like a competition. Who is going to tidy their bedroom in ten minutes, you or them? You can put their favourite music on. Dancing could make dusting a lot funnier. Hide something in their room so they can only find it in order to tidy their room. Think this as a rewarding system if you like. It’s all about finding a way to motivate them.

Tailor chores to the age level: Deciding to involve your kids in house chores is a start, and now you have to decide what they can do and if they are capable of doing it. You can use this list to determine the best age-appropriate chores for your kids.

  • Ages 2-3: Pick up toys and books, put laundry in the basket, wipe up messes
  • Ages 4-6: Any previous chores, take care of pets, set and clear the table, help matching socks, put away groceries, make the bed, tidy their room, fold small laundry items, empty trashes
  • Ages 7-10: Any previous chores, fold laundry, sweep, vacuum, get mail, help washing car, water plants, take out the trash, meal prep
  • Ages 11+: Any previous chores, wash dishes, unload the dishwasher, help in the garden, clean bathroom, wash windows, supervise siblings

Make it easy for them: They shouldn’t have trouble using the cleaning tools. Find smaller or lighter items that they can easily handle. You can use hooks that are their level so they can hang their coats by themselves. Use different colours for each child in the house. This way everyone can easily see what’s theirs and tidy it up.

Summer break is around the corner. It’s a valuable time to spend with your children. We would be mean if we tell you that you should stay home and do home cleaning over and over again. Instead, we would advise you to book a regular maid now so you can do more fun activities. But still, keep in mind that it’s important to let your children be involved in your daily house routine.

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