How to Keep Your House Clean With Four Legged Friends

How to Keep Your House Clean With Four Legged Friends

Sharing your life with an animal means you are blessed. Your pet touches your heart and soul along with everything in your house. When this is the case it’s inevitable to have clutter, hair and some incidents meaning it’s not always to keep the house clean and organised. To make your life a bit easier we gathered a few tips for you.

Incidents may happen: Not related to their size they are always capable of making troubles willingly or unwillingly. Keeping paper towels or cloths handy close to where your pet regularly sits would cut the time for cleaning in half. They may get over-excited when they see their favourite food hence it would be a great idea to place a mat under their bowl.

Place a mat under your pet’s bowl to keep the area clean.

Save your furniture: Well, we all know that it’s not always possible but you are free to try. You can at least minimize the damage by supplying them enough toys. Don’t forget to wash their toys regularly. Providing a box for their toys would help you to declutter the house. If you wish to keep your sofa like brand new you should vacuum it regularly. The best way to get rid of the hair that’s nestled in the fabric is to use a rubber broom or rubber glove. For deep cleaning, you can seek professional help and book a cleaning session from Justmop.

Wash their bed: But first use a lint roller to pick up all the hair otherwise the hair won’t go anywhere. Prefer removable fabric for your pet bed so you can wash it regularly and easily.

Clean your carpets and floors regularly: If you don’t clean them regularly the hair and dirt will pile up and make it even more difficult to clean. If you need the professional touch for your floor you can book a carpet cleaning session from Justmop.

Regular carpet cleaning is essential to keep your house fur-free.

Leave the dirt outside: Place a bowl with water and a cloth or pet wipes by the door so you can clean and dry their paws before entering the house. This way you will prevent dirt and dust to enter your house.

Groom your pet: They either love it or hate it but it’s necessary to brush your pet every single day. This will remove all the excess fur hence they will leave less fur around. It’s also a good way to check your pet’s skin to detect any skin disease. You can also take your pet to the pet coiffure to get rid of excess fur once in a while.

Brush your pet regularly to get rid of excess hair.

Own a lint roller: It’s your sword never leave it out of sight. It’s the only way to wear black. Don’t forget to use it before going out and also before washing. Adding white vinegar to your load would also help to get rid of hairs.

No matter how hard you try you probably never be 100% fur-free which is alright. But it’s alright, isn’t it? This is how we like it. 🙂 If you need a professional hand to help you deep clean the house you can book a deep cleaning session via Justmop

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