How To Wash The Walls

How To Wash The Walls

We do our best to keep our house neat and clean. But there are some parts we never think to clean and walls are one of these. You couldn’t imagine how much dirt your walls hold on them. Don’t be intimated! Wiping your walls is easier then you think.

If you can find use a non-scratch scrubbing dish cloth or, if not, a smooth cloth or a dish sponge would do the trick. If you choose to use the sponge, use its soft side otherwise you might end up with a very artistic wall in the end.

Before starting make sure that your walls are painted with washable paint. We advise you to try this on a small area that’s out of sight. If the result looks good then you are good to go!

Before you start it’s better to try this on a small area.

To wash your walls you can just use water or you can mix it with white vinegar. Mix 1/4 cup white vinegar with 1 quart of warm water. If you go with vinegar you will need two buckets, one with the solution, another with clean water.

First, remove everything you hanged on the walls, even the nails if it is possible. Having a smooth surface will ease the job. Begin with the top of the wall and all the way down in small sections. For the areas you can not reach attach the cloth to a sweeper floor mop. Once you have thoroughly cleaned one section, use the cloth that is in clean water, squeeze water out from the cloth and go over the section of the wall you just washed. Squeezing out the cloth well is very important. You can ruin the wall and also make a mess with water dripping down walls onto the floor. After wiping the wall with fresh water you have to dry it with another dry cloth. Then you can move on to another section.

For the areas you can not reach attach the cloth to a sweeper floor mop.

You won’t believe your eyes how much dust there is on the walls. Once done, stand back and enjoy the clean walls. Even the colour will seem different after cleaning.

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