Mistakes To Avoid About Your House

Mistakes To Avoid About Your House

Doing cleaning chores can be a distracting action sometimes and can really be useful if you are trying to block some thoughts. But other than that not many people clean as a hobby. Because we don’t enjoy the effort and the time we spend cleaning we do it superficially. This means that we don’t really pay attention things that might affect our health. We listed things that you should be careful while doing cleaning.

While vacuuming: First of all you should ask yourself if you have bought the right vacuum cleaner for yourself. If you are not sure you have or are looking for a new one check out this post for more. There are two big mistakes that people usually do; not to use a HEPA filter and not to change filter on a regular basis. HEPA (high efficiency particulate arresting) filter can trap a large amount of very small particles that other filters would recirculate back into your house. HEPA filters would help you to minimise dust and allergens. Of course the HEPA filter can help you on some level but if you forget to change the filter it will lose its ability to absorb the allergens and dust. Change your HEPA filter twice a year.

In the living and bedrooms: We love to decorate our living area. It’s totally normal to have the drive to personalise our home. But sometimes we do too much. Too many textiles and items which hold a great amount of dust, dirt and allergens. If you follow our motto; less is more, you would be much healthier and happier. Pillows, carpets, rugs, decorative items, curtains etc. are not only dust catchers but also make the room crowded which makes it more difficult to dust. To save time and effort keep your living area simple.

In the bathroom: If you want some colour in your bathroom wallpaper is not the answer. There is a reason why wallpaper is not very common in the bathrooms: mildew. You should avoid wallpaper in wet rooms. To add some colour to your bathroom you can try colourful tiles or mould resistant textured paint. It’s not only your walls that matters but also shower curtains and bathmats. You have to wash and change them on a regular basis to avoid bacteria and mildew.

Instead of colourful wallpaper, you can try tiles in your bathroom.

About the trash: Don’t let the trash pile up in the house. It will not only cause the bad odour but also might invite unwanted visitors. Once they find their way to your home it will cause time, effort and most likely money to get rid of them. Instead, avoid them in the first place. Use bad odour blocker trash bags and take out it every day.

Always use odour blocker trash bags.

Deep cleaning: It doesn’t matter how scrupulous you are about your house, there are some places that you don’t even think about to clean. You can check this post for more if you want to do the deep cleaning by yourself. But if you find this task overwhelming like many of us you can book a maid for deep cleaning. You should deep clean your house at least every season change.

We want to hear from you! Share below what you avoid most about your house.

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