Outdoor Cleaning: Things You Should Know

Outdoor Cleaning: Things You Should Know

Finally it is time to pull out all outdoor furniture and enjoy the cool and pleasant weather of Dubai. Unlike, the rest of the world where people hide indoor to avoid the harsh weather of winter, Dubai residents flock to parks and other outdoor destinations to enjoy the cool winter of Dubai.

If you are staying in a villa, then your garden will surely be decked up with the latest outdoor furniture and plants. But before heading to the shop to bring in the latest garden accessories, there is a bit of outdoor cleaning up to be done.

1) Clean the furniture: Unless you store the furniture in your garage, your outdoor furniture is more likely to be covered in dust and cobweb by the time winter arrives. Do a thorough cleaning of the furniture with water and baking soda. Once done, let it air dry naturally. If the furniture has cushion or pillow, remember to dust and clean it as well.

It’s a better idea to store your outdoor furniture’s pillows in your garage.

2) Clean the grill: In Dubai, winter is the time when outdoor grill will be put to maximum use. If you have not used the grill for quite sometime, remember to clean it thoroughly with a grill brush. You can also use an aluminium foil to scrub and clean the grill. The exterior of the grill can be cleaned using soapy water.

3) Clean the pool toys: If the pool toys were idle for quite sometime, remember to clean it thoroughly before using it. You can use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean and disinfect the pool toys.

Mix baking soda and water and use it to disinfect the pool toys.

4) Clean the windows: You do not want the exterior of your house to look unwelcoming when you are hosting an outdoor party. Remember to clean the outdoor window and any screens using soapy water and squeegee. If the windows are too high to clean, then you can even hire telescoping pole cleaning system to clean the topmost windows.

5) Clean the garage: For many, garage is the dumping yard. Declutter and clean the garage before you host any outdoor party. If the floor of the garage is stained with oil or grease, clean it using baking soda. All rusted and worn off material should be immediately removed.

Last but not the least, remember to keep all the trees and plants well groomed. Trim all the bushes, remove all dry leaves and flowers. Clean the pots and, if required, you can even get it painted. Make your outdoor area as inviting as possible. Let your guests have a wonderful time enjoying the excellent weather.

If cleaning and maintaining the outdoor is a cumbersome task for you, do not worry. Justmop is here to help you with all your cleaning activities. Just book our service online or through our app and our dedicated staff will be at your service in no time.


  1. If you are staying in a villa, then your garden will surely be decked up with the latest outdoor furniture and plants.

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