Things To Throw Away

Things To Throw Away

We don’t always have the drive to get through everything we keep in the house and organise things. But when we find the courage to do it at the end the weight is off our shoulders. Donating or/and throwing away things that you won’t or can’t use not only will give you free space but also change the energy of your house. Here is a list for you to follow for identifying the things in each room.

Bathroom: We tend to keep empty bottles, boxes, unuseful items, especially in the bathroom. That’s why you have to go through everything. You know that you never going to use many of these things that you store in the bathroom. And some like expired items might be bad for you if don’t check and replace regularly. Here are things that you should check and get rid off:

  • Old makeup
  • Old makeup
  • Expired sunscreen
  • Expired medicine
  • Old hair ties
  • Broken brushes
  • Old perfume
  • Old toiletries
  • Dried up nail polish
  • Old towels and bathmat
  • Empty bottles

Bedroom: We like to keep clothes that we might want to wear someday but that day never comes. So it’s better you prepare two boxes: one for donation and one for things you will throw away. Don’t forget to check under your bed since we love to hide things there and then forget about it. Things to be removed should be the following:

  • Unworn clothing
  • Old/broken jewellery
  • Earrings without a match
  • Stained clothing
  • Unused purses and bags
  • Clutter in nightstands
  • Old shoe boxes

Kitchen: It would be much easier if we stop buying things that actually we don’t need. It would decrease the clutter and also the unwanted items in the kitchen. If you get rid of things that you can’t or won’t use anymore you will have more space in your kitchen which would help you to get better organised to cook. Check inside of your countertops and cabinets for the followings:

  • Plasticware with no lid
  • Broken appliances
  • Expired food in the fridge
  • Expired canned goods
  • Unused cookbooks
  • Chipped plates and glasses

Office: Whether you spend your time at the office or your home office decreasing clutter will help you to focus better on your job. So let’s get rid of the following items:

  • Old books (donate them)
  • Old books (donate them)
  • Old magazines
  • Old receipts (shred)
  • Dried up pens
  • Outdated electronic
  • Old chargers and cords
  • Outdated software
  • Unknown keys

Playroom: It can the hardest room to organise for two reasons, one: children interfere and second the messiest room ever! But don’t freak out just follow the list below.

  • Broken toys (if can not be fixed)
  • Games with lost pieces
  • Old electronics
  • Outgrown play clothes (donate them)
  • Unused toys (donate them)
  • Old colouring books
  • Broken crayons
  • Dried out markers

Garage/basement: There isn’t a limit for the things you might keep in the garage but still you have to stop holding onto unuseful stuff. Take an action immediately and separate useful and unuseful things.

  • Old paint
  • Broken tools
  • Old rags
  • Unused holiday items
  • Unused decore

After getting rid of the things that you don’t actually need a deep cleaning is a very good idea. Instead of struggling with deep cleaning and the time it consumes you can seek professional help for the deep cleaning.

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