Zero Waste Habits You Can Opt for!

Zero Waste Habits You Can Opt for!

How about some chat about zero waste tips? With a little effort you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, tackle climate change and contribute in saving our precious little blue dot? Doesn’t it give you a thrill thinking that even little changes in your lifestyle can affect our planet’s future in a good way? If you excited about the changes as much as we are then keep on reading.

Shopping: The biggest step you can take to protect our planet is to eliminate the use of plastic in every part in your life. You can easily start with avoiding plastic shopping bags. You can replace them with lovely tote bags or any cloth shopping bag. Mesh market bags are another good way to carry your groceries.

Cloth shopping bags are perfect alternatives for plastics ones.

Storing: What you can do for your health and for the planet is to eliminate the use of plastic. Instead of plastic options you can store your leftovers in glass containers. They are healthy and perfectly capable of storing your food. You can even put them in the freezer as long as you don’t fully close them. If you can’t stop using plastic wrap it could be because you never trIed the alternative. Why don’t you give reusable, food wrap a chance? And last but not least, if you store your bread in a plastic bag take a moment and consider why some countries such as France used linen napkins or linen bread bags for centuries to store the bread that way. It’s because storing the bread in a bread bag keeps it fresh, soft and mold free.

Cleaning: You can start with avoiding plastic cleaning tools for cleaning. If you already have plastic cleaning tools just use them until they have been worn out, then switch to wooden, metal or bamboo cleaning tools. They will last almost forever and it’s possible to find eco-friendly alternatives for every cleaning tool. Instead of paper towels you can use cloth for many occasions. It’s good to keep paper towels for pet owners and some drink spills but the rest could be handled with a regular cloth. Cloth is reusable because it’s washable.

Zero waste cleaning is easier than you think. Opt for metal and wodden cleaning tools.

Drinking: The first thing you should do is to stop using regular straws. Opt a metal one with different colors so every member of the family would have their own straw. If you are a consistent coffee drinker buy coffee beans from a local roaster in bulk. Have your own thermos or buy reusable coffee cups if you go to the coffee shops. If you are a tea person buying loose leaf teas in bulk would be a good move. Most commercial tea bags are not compostable and made of non-healthy materials.

Compost: Why don’t you start with looking for composting services in your town and some online courses about composting? By composting you can reduce the waste and use it for gardening purposes. It helps you to embrace the natural cycle of life and decay.

As you can see it’s quite easy to step in to a much better living routine. Once you adopt these you will wonder why you haven’t tried these earlier. While you opt for a greener life Justmop can help you with eco-friendly cleaning. All you need to do is to book a cleaning session via Justmop and let them know about your requirements!

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