2018’s Home Décor Trends

2018’s Home Décor Trends

A month has passed since the arrival of 2018. If you are planning to renovate your home, do up the interiors of your home or if you have the habit of changing the home décor every new year, then a good knowledge of the décor trends for this year is desirable.

Here are few trends to watch out for in 2018.

Colors: Bold hues is the trend for 2018 whether it is for the walls or upholstery. Emerald Green and ruby red are favourite with designers. Pantone’s Ultra Violet has also taken the decor world by storm. If you feel bold colours make your room look dark then you can soften it using pastel shades like lilac and lavender. Another way to soften bold shade is by using circles in pastel shades.

Colour of this year is ultra violet.

Fabric: Velvet is the right fabric that gels well with bold hues. Use it to upholster your sofa or to do up the drapery. Ethnic soft furnishing is the need of the day.

Material: Terazzo is catching up the interior décor trend in 2018. It consists of chips of marble and granite that is set in concrete to create a smooth surface. Though it is mainly used for flooring, it can also be used to design countertops and even in walls.


– Metallic is in when it comes to accessorizing your house. Gold and brass accessories will be more popular this year. Metallic accessories can be used in wallpaper, the table leg and as décor pieces.

– The use of indoor plants become more popular in 2018. They can be hung from the ceiling or placed as a cluster in the corner of the room. Pots with diverse colours and material can be used.

– Gallery walls will be taken over by big artworks. You can go for framed photograph, painting or even prints.

Big paintings will be hanging on the walls this year.

– Vintage light rules the roost when it comes to lighting. Artisanal lights are also popular this year.


– Bathrooms can be done up either in boutique hotel model with clean lines, plenty of marble and granite or it can be done up in resort mode with lighter shades and a touch of rattan.

– The kitchen will shift from all white to brighter shades of navy, black and dark grey. Rest of the kitchen elements like natural wood and concrete remains the same. Granite and copper sink become popular in 2018.

– Bedroom calls for a minimalist décor this year. Go for subtle colours and avoid using patterns. You can try using contrast to make your bedroom more interesting.

Dubai may not have a very wide selection to go with the 2018 décor trend. But as long as the world wide web is at your fingertip, you need not have to worry about going off trend.

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