A Few Things You Can Do to Thank Mother Earth

A Few Things You Can Do to Thank Mother Earth

We are experiencing unusual circumstances which some might say is the cry of the Mother Earth. This is an era which we hope not to face again. But we might rise again with experience and enlightenment after this is all passed. We all want to go back to the times when we were free and felt safe. We hope this bad experience gives rise to a completely new era in which we all live caring and loving each other, the planet and what the planet holds. We thought it might be a good time to thank Mother Earth and gain new habits such as reducing consumption. Haven’t we all seen how Mother Earth heals itself when humans are not around? Let’s make things much better than before when we go outside again. It’s a perfect time to begin zero waste living. Here are a few simple things you can do.

Consumption: This best thing we can do is to minimise our desire to have more stuff. The more we buy the more things are being produced. If you buy only what you need and give away what you don’t need anymore you would make a huge difference. As always we say less is more. Having less stuff will make you feel free in a strange way. It will also make home cleaning very easy because less stuff means less dust and less time cleaning.

Shopping: Minimising our consumption doesn’t mean that we will never shop again but when you do carrying your own cloth bag would help the Mother Earth to breath again. If you already have plastic bags use them until they fall apart but once they are no good anymore swop to cloth bags and even to mesh market bags.

DIY: If you are into DIY products zero waste living would be a little easier for you to make your own cleaning products or even some skin products. Most of the commercial products contain chemicals and are contained in non-ecological packages. If you are not into DIY what you could do is to be more aware of the products you use. You can buy in bulk and use glass containers. You can check the ingredients of every product you use. If you would like to give DIY cleaning products a try here are a few posts we have written before: Non-Toxic DIY Cleaning Products, 8 Natural DIY Cleaning Products, Genuis Cleaning Tips For Your House. And we also have written about making your own facial cleaning products you can see it here.

You can easily make a few facial care products at home.

Storing: We don’t recommend you to throw away what you already have but when you are going to buy a food container or any container we recommend you to choose wiser for your health and for the Mother Earth. Glass is always better for everyone and you can use it for a very long time. When it’s no good anymore you can recycle it. If you need small plastic bags or wraps you can try beeswax wrap. When you need to store your coffee or soup you can opt for a metal thermos or glass.

Cleaning: This is where we usually lose our control. More chemicals don’t mean more clean. We already gave you a few links to our previous posts for homemade alternatives. But what about the cleaning tools we use. Once the ones you already have are no good anymore swap them with long-lasting ones such as wooden, metal or bamboo. You can use your old clothes as cleaning cloths. These would be a good alternative to the paper towel as well.

Opt for wooden, metal or bamboo cleaning tools.

Once you decide it’s easy you will see. These days all we could do is to stay inside and be productive in many ways. Why don’t you give a try one of these at least? While you spare your time for a zero-waste living style Justlife professional cleaning team could handle disinfecting your sanctuary. You can easily book a disinfection service using Justlife website or apps. Stay home, stay safe.

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