Back To School’18

Back To School’18

Bells are ringing for the little ones. If you organise the process well, going back to school won’t be too painful for anyone in the family. You just need to know where to start.

Ease the family into the school year schedule: The hardest part is to re-introduce a school year bedtime to your children. Instead of starting one night before the first day of school, start doing it a few weeks before. You can wake them up earlier and earlier each day.

Plan meals: Remember that adapting to a new meal routine will also take time. Planing meals and snacks to accustom them to the school routine before the day comes. And when the day comes be prepared. Decide in advance what to prepare for each meal.

Use lunch box to keep your children’s meal fresh.

Create a calendar: Many schools send their annual calendar in advance. Take this as an advantage and create a calender. This calender will help you to track after-school activities, school programs, school holidays, parent-teacher conferences and more.

Create a calendar central to track every event, holiday etc.

Plan before you shop: Start with asking the school for classroom supply lists before shopping for school supplies. So you can shop only for what they don’t supply. Take a day and assess your children’s clothing needs. Donate what they can not wear anymore. This way will help people in need and get more space in the wardrobe for the new school year clothing.

Assess your children wardrobe and donate what they can not wear anymore.

Gather you papers: Check the school’s website or simply call them to ask what paperwork will be required for the new school year. Gathering required documents in advance will save you time.

Arrange the transportation: If it’s a new school make a practice run to get children to the school on time before the school starts. If they are going to take the bus then find out the nearest bus stop.

Organise household chores: School year quickens the tempo of the family life. Being organised will help you to be ahead of time. Check out our other blog posts to see how you can easily deal with household chores.

Each new school year is like running a marathon. Seeking professional help for home cleaning would save you a great deal of time to spare your family.

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