Bring the Outside In

Bring the Outside In

Your house, your sanctuary! When you walk into your house after a tiring day, your house should give you peace. Clutter and decoration help or hinder your peace. We talked a lot about how important decluttering your house is. But for this post, we will talk about decoration. Decluttering and deep cleaning are essential for a neat house but the decoration has the final word. By using plants and the right decorative items you can turn your house into something completely different. We are going to show you how with this post.

Winding plants: Who says you can only use winding plants in your garden? Besides being a decoration trend greenery will bring a fresh and stunning look in whichever room you use it. You have a wide range of Eucalyptus, winding ivy, vines, leaves and shrubs to choose to decorate your house. You can try and dress your bed frame with these plants.

Boxwood candles: You don’t have to wait for the festive days to come to use plants for decoration. When you mix candles with plants it gives an instant cosy and calming effect. You can use a few sprigs of boxwood with a big white candle. Place the candle into a big glass jar and wrap the sprigs around it.

Boxwood candles are a chic way to bring the outside in.

Eucalyptus branches: With their distinctive and fresh fragrance they soon will be essential for your house. Big branches of eucalyptus will bring a neat look and stand out in the room if you combine it with a neutral look. We can’t think of a better way to bring the outside in. Another perfect use of eucalyptus branches is to hang them by your shower tap. As the hot water touches them the leaves will release their scent. A real spa effect!

Palm leaves: You can use it as a decorative item on your coffee table as well as a centrepiece for your dinner party. Either way, it will look stunning and bring a tropical look. If you are giving a party you can even hang a few on the wall for a tiki feel.

Bring the tropical look with a few easy touches.

Floating greenery: Another perfect decoration item. Fill glass bottles with water and add rosemary, fern or magnolia leaves. Place the pillar candles on top.

Succulents: They are easy to care for, long lasting plants. They are also known as radiation absorbing plants. You can place them around your work area for that. Or you can hang different succulents by the window and enjoy watching them.

Succulents are a perfect way to use greenery inside.

Macrame: Another decorative item which is getting popular lately. Macrame can bring a boho look in your house right away. Try to pair it with a few sprigs of eucalyptus.

Lantern: Don’t we love lanterns of all sizes? And haven’t we combined them with almost every possible thing? Apparently not. Now it’s time to fill them with ferns. A perfect piece of greenery for your coffee table or dinner table.

A creative way to use lanterns.

Mirror: A totally simple effect for your house. Just wrap a few branches of any plant of your choice around or halfway of the mirror. It will inspire you every time you look in the mirror.

If you just want to decorate your house, relax while watching your greenery and not deal with the mess or clutter book regular full-time maid service. Justmop’s professional team will get your back on that. Just book whichever cleaning service you need.

If you prefer to deal with the clutter on your own read more about decluttering and have a look at our post why you should get rid of clutter.

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