Creative Lifestyle Hacks That Makes Your Life More Organized

Creative Lifestyle Hacks That Makes Your Life More Organized

Keeping the house well organized is a daily challenge faced by all. If one room is cluttered with your child’s books and study material, the other will be messed up with clothes and other personal stuff. Why does this happen? It could be because we own more stuff than we actually need. The only way to keep these items organized is to follow few creative hacks which, when done properly, can leave your house clutter free.

Here are few simple hacks you can try out for better organizing.


1) TV stand: Use a TV stand with enough storage space so that you can store your books, magazines and other gadgets inside the cabinet. Also, make small holes in the stand so that all the wires remain concealed.

TV unit with storage cabinet.

2) Shoe cabinet: Always go for a closed shoe cabinet so that it looks neat from outside. Place décor pieces or, if possible, upholster the top portion of the cabinet so that it can be used as a seating.

Close shoe cabinet.

3) Storage cabinet: Keep a small storage cabinet close to the front door where all items that you require while leaving the house like keys, wallet, watch etc. can be stored. If space is not a constraint, then shoe and storage cabinet can be combined as a single unit.

Storage cabinet next to the front door.


1) Containers: Use similar size containers in the kitchen for storing cooking ingredients and label it neatly. This not only makes the kitchen clutter free but also provides a neat and clean look.

Spices stored in similar bottles.

2) Spice rack: Use a hanging spice rack in the kitchen for storing spice containers. This way the containers are not only well organized but easily accessible. It also frees up space on the countertop.

Use hanging spice rack.

3) Hooks: Place hooks behind the doors of every room so that you can hang your items while keeping it away from others sight. For eg; use a hook behind the kitchen door to hang apron and kitchen towel. A hook can be placed behind the bedroom door to hang handbags, belts, keys etc.

Keys hung behind door.

4) Basket: Use basket in the bathroom to store all your toiletries. This makes it easier to move and clean the area.

Toiletries inside a basket.

5) Jewelry organizer: Use a jewelry organizer to store and organize all your fashion accessories. This makes it easy to locate items when required.

Jewelry organizer.

6) Ice cube tray: If you are into art and craft, use ice cube tray to organize small beads, rings and hooks.


  • Color code: Assign a color code for each member of the family and buy items of that color. Color code can be given for lunch box, bottle, toothbrush, cups etc. This makes it easier to identify items and use accordingly.
  • Pin board: Always remember to make note of things to purchase and do so that nothing is left out. Use a pin board for this purpose

Following these simple hacks will not only ensure that your house is free of clutter but also makes it easier to organize and locate things.

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