Get Into Valentine’s Day Mood

Get Into Valentine’s Day Mood

Whether you like it or not February 14th is almost here. Everywhere you look is going to be, or has already been, full of heart shape ornaments. Love is a special gift. When you find it you have to cherish it not just for one day but every day. Still, it’s a nice day to share with your significant other. If you wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day inside, we gathered few ideas for you.


Less is more. Just few touches is enough to change the mood in your house. You can put lovely and simple signs on to your porch for a warm welcome.

Love signs for your porch.

If you are more of a wine person and you like to collect wine corks without a reason then this is the reason! You can create a big heart shaped ornament for your wall. Grab some cardboard, decide how big you want your heart shaped ornament to be and draw it on the cardboard. Decide the dimension and glue the corks on the cardboard. Hang it on the wall with the help of a ribbon.

Heart shape ornament made of wine corks.

It’s not easy to find wood branches in Dubai but if you have them some how or like to collect them when you travel to places with forests you can try this. Use a big, thick branch to hang the other ones from it. You can color them as you wish.

Hanging wood branches.


Use your cookie cutters to decorate your dinner table. You can create heart shaped pizzas or cheese plates.

Heart shaped ingredients.

Heart shaped carpaccio.

Funny tags on snacks will make your hubby a Valentine’s Day lover.

Funny tags for snacks.

You can serve heart shaped potatoes as garniture. Fry or cook them in the oven just don’t forget to put your favourite herb as a final touch.

Heart shaped delicious potatoes.

Keep things simple. An easy to make dinner for two will win your love’s heart. Prepare a salad with fresh ingredients, place cooked hearts shaped shrimps on a stick on top of the salad.

Lovely shrimp salad.

If you feel like spending more time in the kitchen or showing your skills to your loved one you can try home made heart shape ravioli. The hint is to roll out pasta into long, thin sheets then use a cookie cutter to make it into heart shaped ravioli.

Ravioli full of love.

Simple things to make your loved one smile. They will make him or her extra happy if they prefer a healthy life.

Hearts on apples.

A well served breakfast in bed will make a good end.

A perfect way to start the day.

If you change your mind and decide to spend this special day out just book a maid before the 14th and get a voucher code for everything you need to make your significant other happy! Use ReserveOut to book a table for the most romantic dinner, send the best bouquet or delicious chocolates via joi Gift, take a Careem ride to the restaurant and enjoy your night! Justmop loves you!

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