Happy Eid Al Adha!

Happy Eid Al Adha!

Eid is almost here! The ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’ when your mind and body is in its purest form. The lovely times spent with family and friends. The joy and the love shouldn’t stay as just a state of mind but also should reflect your house. Get your house ready for this festival with just a few easy steps.

Prepare your guest room: As the holidays are a time to spend with family and loved ones you have to get your house ready for your guests. When you organise your guest room just think about the things that would make you comfortable. The best thing about giving your guests a cosy room and making them feel comfortable is that it will make you feel good too. If you need some ideas or would rather have a checklist for your guest room you can check our post about essentials for your guest room.

Get your guest room ready for your guests.

Declutter your house: Always remember: less is more! Decluttering your house will give it a neat and clean look. It will also make deep cleaning easy too. Detect any misplaced items and replace or decide what you should do with them. The best thing about decluttering your house is that you can donate all the items you don’t want in your house anymore. Also, a clutter-free house will give you a relaxed state of mind. Many studies show that clutter reduces the quality of life and makes focusing difficult. Have a look at our post on how to get organised in your home and why for more information.

Clean your house: After decluttering your home cleaning won’t be a big hassle. But if you are planning to do a deep cleaning before the Eid maybe it is better to have professional help and focus other things for Eid. When you think it’s almost the time to have a seasonal cleaning session why don’t you give Justmop a call? Our professional team will do all the deep cleaning including sofa cleaning, curtain cleaning, carpet cleaning just name it!

Decorate your house: Why spare your house from all the joy and love? Decorate your entire house with the Eid theme. If you have children you can turn this into a fun activity and get help from them. Bring the Eid mood to your house with lanterns or paper lanterns, crescent moon and star items. You can even bring the Eid on your table with a few small touches.

Bring the festive air in your house with just a few touches.

Decide the menu: It can be difficult to serve many people so be cautious and think about what to serve ahead. It will save you time and reduce the stress. You can add refreshing drinks and ice-cream to the menu considering the weather. They will decrease the effect of a heavy meal.

Buy gifts: It’s better to plan this ahead as it can be very time consuming if you leave it to the last minute. If you are running out of time to get things ready then money packets will do for the children along with the candies.

We wish you a wonderful Eid with your family and loved ones!

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