How to Deal With Summer Heat

How to Deal With Summer Heat

Dealing with heat without an air conditioner in Dubai is almost impossible. But air conditioners can’t be the only thing that would help you get through the hottest season. Some easy tips will help you survive Dubai during summer.

Since air conditioning is the most important thing right now let’s start with why and how to take good care of your air conditioner.

Clean your A/C regularly: Air conditioner cleaning is important for your health more than you think. Especially in Dubai where dust can be carried everywhere by dust storms. Air conditioner cleaning would offer you a better sleep by increasing the air quality. Regular air conditioner cleaning would prevent dust, dirt, pollens and moulds which helps to fight back against respiration problems. Air conditioner cleaning would also extend your air conditioner’s life, save energy and help your air conditioner to work more efficiently. Don’t neglect air conditioner cleaning and have it’s filters changed every three months.

Prefer cool drinks and food: We recommend you to favour cool drinks and food for two simple reasons. First, cool drinks and especially cool food save you from turning on the hot stove top or oven and you will spend less time in the kitchen. Prefer lettuce salads, vegetables, sandwiches and pasta salads. Second, cool drinks such as fruit infused water, low sugar drinks, ice coffees will cool you down.

Cold drinks will cool down in hot summer days.

Chill your sheets: This is a great hack! You should definitely give it a try. Fold up your sheets and pillowcases. Place them in plastic bags to avoid the food smell in the freezer reaching the fabric. You can even put lavender in the bag or drop a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Make sure you do this a couple of hours before your bedtime. When you put them back on your bed they will be wonderfully chilled and smell amazing.

Use ice packs: Even though you have an air conditioner you may feel overwhelmed and need to feel refresh and cool without taking a cold shower. Ice packs are a great way to deal with the heat. Lay them on the back of your neck, your inner wrists, inner elbows. Ice packs will help cool yourself down.

Have a lukewarm shower: This is another trick you should know. Having cold water will help you to cool down but when you step out of the shower your body starts trying to increase the body temperature. So you end up sweating again. Instead, start with cold water but finish showering with lukewarm. This will help you to stay cool for a longer time because your body doesn’t try to increase your body temperature.

Book professionals for cleaning: Professional cleaning teams are professionally trained to work in many conditions. You can save your energy for better things while professional cleaning services handle your home cleaning as well as household chores.

During hot summer days try to avoid bubbly drinks, fried, salty, or very sweet food. Try to eat hydrating vegetables and fruits. Stay healthy and cool!

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