How to Declutter Your Home Without Feeling Guilty

How to Declutter Your Home Without Feeling Guilty

Let’s face it, our houses are full of clutter mostly caused by the things we can’t say goodbye to. But the key to a house well-organised, clean and neat is to say goodbye to the junk you hold on to without feeling guilty. We have to accept that time passes and we don’t need to keep every single thing just because they might be useful one day, which they probably never will, creates chaos and some sort of ‘useful’ junk. Together let’s try to overcome the guilt we feel when we want to get rid of stuff and find out why it’s better to only keep essential things.

Why: Let’s start with the big question: why you should opt for a simple life where clutter is unwanted. The first and most important reason is to keep your brain and accordingly your body healthy. Research proves that clutter causes stress as subconsciously you keep thinking about it. Decluttering would bring you peace and help you to focus on whatever you are doing. The other reason is to make deep cleaning easier. When you have so much stuff around it makes it harder to clean and deep clean.

Declutter your place for a better concentration.

Guilt: When you feel attached to every single thing you own it makes the saying goodbye process difficult. You feel guilty about not keeping those things. You feel guilty because you think they might be useful one day, or you feel wasteful, or maybe ever item has a meaning to you. You should learn not to feel guilty about it. When you get rid of stuff in the right way you won’t be wasteful but helpful. All the jars that you keep for years but never used can be recycled and be used for some other purposes. All the clothes you keep but never wear could be worn by people in need. It’s perfectly fine to recycle, donate, throw away and sell all the unnecessary stuff.

How: Deep cleaning is a perfect first step to take. When you deep clean your house it means you reach every possible spot in your house. Take everything out of the closets, cabinets, boxes etc. Only put the things you use, not the ones might be useful someday. Prepare three boxes; to donate, to sell, to throw away. Other than the stuff you really use or wear, all the things should go to one of these boxes. If one comes in one should definitely go out. If you keep these boxes around you don’t have to wait for deep cleaning to organise what to sell, what to donate and what to throw away. For a more decorative piece, you can use three wicker baskets.

Place three baskets in a room and put things in them to donate, sell and throw away.

When you start decluttering you will realise how much of a burden was that ‘useful’ junk. The energy of you and your house will change in the blink of an eye. If you need a hand to organise your house, to deep clean and declutter Justmop is always ready at your service. You can book a cleaning service of your choice. Justmop’s professional cleaning team can deal with the clutter and deep cleaning or you can book a full-time maid to avoid clutter in the first place.

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