How to Start Decluttering

How to Start Decluttering

Do you think clutter is inevitable? Well, it is indeed. But first, you have to go deeper to find the reason and solve it. It might sound unpleasant but if you know how to approach it you can finish it in a blink. It’s all about simplicity and organisational skills. Let’s get it over with.

Gather your tools and start: Grab cardboard boxes and big garbage bags. You will need to separate your belongings into three sections: to throw away, to donate and to sell. It would be good to label them and take notes for the future so keep pens and post-its handy. It’s advisable to take everything out and reconsider its purpose. Less is more so only keep what you and your family use. The rest can go in the boxes or bags. If the items are misplaced then put them where they actually belong.

Make a plan: The process can be overwhelming. It would be a wise action to make a plan. If you take everything out at the same time probably you would be lost and wouldn’t know where to start. If you make a plan you wouldn’t spend more time than it requires or revisit the same area. You can decide to move clockwise or go by shelve or drawer. It’s all up to you. Just know where to start and finish. You can also set a timer and decide how much time you want to spend on each room.

Remove the big stuff first: The big items would be in the front and hence would be easy to get rid of them. The large items cover 75% of the room. So once you decide what to do with them you are halfway through the process. You can set a timer again if you don’t want to linger any more than you have to. For getting rid of the big items you might need help to carry them around or out.

Remove big stuff first to start decluttering.

Remove medium stuff second: Decorative items might fall into this category. Once you get rid of the big items you will have more room for sorting out the rest of the stuff. If they can fit in the boxes or bags you put aside to separate, decide which they belong to. Again, you can set a timer to have control over timing.

Remove the small stuff last: This might be the part where you can spend hours sorting stuff. The small stuff is likely to need more time to decide where they belong and if they belong. Like we said before don’t take every drawer out – start one by one. Once you finish with the one you will have a pattern and it will take less time each time.

Once you sort out one room the rest will be much easier and will get easier each time. When you realize how much effort and time-consuming everything was that you have held on to all these years. Once you finished decluttering you will feel the energy change in the house. Decluttering will decrease the time you spend on home cleaning. But having your house decluttered doesn’t mean that you will be more fond of home cleaning. But when the time comes Justmop will be there for you as always.

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