How To Take Care Of Leather Furniture?

How To Take Care Of Leather Furniture?

There is no doubt that having leather furniture at home add to the beauty of the room. Unlike fabric furniture that requires regular maintenance, leather furniture calls for less upkeep and is easy to clean and take care of.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while taking care of the leather furniture.

Spot test the cleaning solution: Before using any cleaning solution on the leather furniture, remember to do a spot test in any of the hidden areas. This is especially so in case of a new brand of cleaning product which you have not used before.

Spills and stains: Spills and stains in leather furniture should be taken care of then and there itself as it can cause discoloration of the leather. Remove any solid spills and blot the area dry with a clean white cloth. A wet cloth can be used in case the spill cannot be treated with a dry cloth. But under no circumstance should you clean greasy spill on your own. Always seek the help of professionals in case of greasy stains.

Vacuuming and dusting: Always dust and vacuum the leather furniture regularly so that dust and dirt do not get inside the creases. If you find vacuuming a cumbersome task, cover the furniture with a lightweight protector so that dust and dirt do not get inside and make it look dull. It also protects the furniture from sunlight exposure which can discolor the leather.

Cover the furniture with a lightweight protector to protect it from dust and dirt.

Nourish the leather: For leather furniture, it is highly essential that the leather should be nourished and cared for once in a while. Wipe down the leather with a microfiber cloth so that dust does not settle on its surface. Conditioning products like hide food can nourish the leather, rejuvenate and maintain its appearance. Olive oil can also provide a similar effect.

Your leather furniture should be nourished and cared for once in a while.

Placement: Never place leather furniture close to the source of heat or in direct sunlight. This can discolor the leather and make it fade. Similarly, never place it opposite an air conditioner duct as the extreme temperature can cause the leather to crack and stiffen.

Scratches and prints: Avoid placing any sharp object on the furniture as it can leave scratches. For small scratches gently buff the surface with a clean finger. Also, remember not to place any printed material above leather furniture as it is very difficult to remove prints or color from it.

If you have small kids or pets at home, then it is better not to invest in an expensive leather furniture as the damaged caused, if any, cannot be reversed.

Invest in expensive furniture only when you are able to take care of it in the right way. In case you need professional help in taking care of your leather furniture seek professional help for sofa cleaning.

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