Keep Your House Organised Within 2 Minutes

Keep Your House Organised Within 2 Minutes

Time moves fast and we are always busy even when we think we are not. And it’s difficult to keep your house organised in a fast paced life. But what would you think if we say it’s possible to organise your house within 2 minutes? No, we are not going to show you how to do magic, sorry. 🙂 It’s all about breaking things down into 2 minute tasks everyday.

Task 1: Make Your Bed

It’s going to take less then 2 minutes! Making your bed will instantly give your bedroom a neat and orderly look. It will also help you to keep your sheets clean for a longer time especially if you have a furry friend.

Don’t leave your bed unmade.

Task 2: Tackle Cluttered Desk And Kitchen Drawers

One desk or drawer a day. Just one. Take everything out and keep what is necessary. Throw away any unwanted, broken or expired things. If you need some tips for organising your kitchen look at this post.

Use few tricks to keep kitchen drawers tidy.

Task 3: Organise And Clean Your Fridge

When you take something from the fridge, take everything out on that shelf, wipe it down and only put things in if it’s eatable. You can do this before you go to grocery shopping. Your fridge will likely be less full and it will take 2 minutes to clean every shelves.

It’s easier to clean the fridge before grocery shopping.

Task 4: Organise Your Closet

The main reason we have clutter in our closet is that we don’t want to let things go. But remember, if you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably won’t wear it again. Keep a donation box and put things that you know that you won’t wear again. If you do this every season you will have a proper closet and also you will make other people happy by donating. For more tips about organising your closet check out this post.

Don’t keep more clothes than you can actually wear.

Task 5: Sort Your Mail

It would be much easier if you categorise your mails: file, to do/pay or trash. Every time you bring your mail in put them in the related box so when the time comes to go through files it will save you time and energy.

Categorising your mails will save you a great deal of time.

Just saving 2 minutes everyday can make your life much more easier and organised. You can go through our other posts to read more about life hacks.

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