Make Your Life Easier

Make Your Life Easier

We believe that family and friends make our lives more meaningful. To spend more quality time together with not only the ones we love but also by ourselves, we collaborated with IKEA UAE for The Little Book of Big Changes. We know that you can make a great difference with little changes.

Many studies show that a clean, tidy and organised home helps you to focus on things more easily and makes you more creative. Well, we don’t have to read many studies or surveys to see how clutter makes us distracted and less able to process information. We would all agree that we have been there. Most of all, constantly thinking about tidying the mess, but not doing anything tires your mind. The important thing is to take the action to change it!

Being more organised will also save you time in your daily life. On a short time basis instead of spending your time to find your keys, shoes, wallet etc. in the mornings you can have a breakfast or even better you can sleep ten minutes more. On a long time basis you can learn new things, get a hobby or just enjoy your spare time.

We really want you to make the most of your life. All you have to do is to start changing. Here are few tips for you to get started.

1) Closet Organisation – SKUBB

Just because you have a small bedroom it doesn’t mean that you can’t fit a closet in it. Use IKEA SKUBB storage to create more space for your outfits. This storage will also help you to see easily what you have in your closet.


Skubb – IKEA

2) Storage For Your Children’s Toys – TROFAST

To make your children’s toy storage more attractive for your children you can choose colourful TROFAST or you can add stickers on it. If you can make it more interesting for your children you will have less toys around to step on it. So it’s win-win.


Trofast – IKEA

3) Wardrobe – PAX

PAX wardrobes give you the freedom to choose what kind of a wardrobe you want to have. We recommend you to use it without doors. It will bring a Scandinavian touch to your bedroom and will force you to keep your closet organised all the time because you wouldn’t be able to hide the mess anymore behind the doors.

Pax - IKEA

Pax – IKEA

Don’t forget to download The Little Book of Big Changes from here. We hope it inspires you as it inspired us.


  1. I was really worried about how to manage my home alone. This blog really helps me a lot in getting an idea to sort things in my small bedroom. Thank you a lot for posting this. Eagerly waiting for your next blog.

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