Make Your Sofa Brand New

Make Your Sofa Brand New

It’s not easy to find the right sofa for your lovely living room. You spend long hours, maybe even days, to find the comfy one. It’s even more difficult to keep it brand new once you find “the one”. It’s always good to leave it to the professionals to clean your sofas if you want to keep them for a long time. But if you really want to deal with the dirt by yourself we have few nice tips to make your couch life longer.

1) Cleaning Your Microfiber Furniture

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to clean your microfiber couch. It’s like turning the hands of time. What you need is a white cloth or sponge, baby wipes, alcohol, a spray bottle, and a scrubbing brush. Spray the alcohol until your sofa becomes damp then rub it with the white cloth or sponge. If you don’t use a white one it may transfer its color to your couch, so be careful. After this process your sofa will be dirt free, including pen and marker if you have any. Now you can see which ones are water stains. All you have to do is to use baby wipes to saturate the area where there are water stains. After the saturation process you can use your hairdryer to make it dry quickly. To finish you can rub your sofa with a scrubbing brush to make your sofa fluffy again.


Cleaning your microfiber couch.

2) Cleaning Your Leather Furniture

Leather furniture may look fancy in your living room but we all know that it’s nearly impossible to keep it clean for a longtime, especially if children are involved. The first thing you should do is to grab a cloth, soak it in cold water and wipe it. If you are lucky your couch will be stain free again. But in some cases like you have to put much more effort to make it go away, like food stains. You can try to remove them with white vinegar and linseed oil. Mix them one part for each and apply it with a cotton cloth. If you have dark stains on your couch don’t be afraid to try the next tip, you will have to give your couch away soon anyway. For this one you have to prepare a paste made of lemon and baking soda. Apply the paste to the stain and wait for ten minutes, then remove it with a damp cloth.


Cleaning your leather couch.

3) Cleaning Your Fabric Furniture

If you just want to get rid of dust and bad smell coming from your sofa sprinkle baking soda on it and wait at least an hour then vacuum it. But if you want to get rid of stains on the couch you can get help from baking soda and vinegar. Make the magical paste by mixing them. Wait for few minutes until the foaming stops. Apply it to the stains and wait over a night. The paste would have dried up and after you vacuum it stains will be gone.

Cleaning your fabric couch.

It’s handy to know few tips to clean your sofa with these simple ingredients. But we advise you to consult a professional not to damage your furniture. You can always ask Justmop‘s help. Justmop professional cleaning team will examine the material first and then decide which cleaning method to use. Book a maid now!

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