Must Have Organizer For Your Kitchen From Ikea

Must Have Organizer For Your Kitchen From Ikea

Organizing is an integral part of any kitchen activity. Though cooking and cleaning occupies center stage in a kitchen, half of the kitchen work is done if things are organized properly. The saying “a place for everything and everything in its place” gains significance in kitchen organizing as well.

Ikea UAE has some wonderful products that makes your kitchen life easier and comfortable. Here are a few must have products from Ikea which you should definitely own

1. Bekvam Spice Rack: Free up your counter top with the Bekvam spice rack. Place it on the wall above the counter top and store your spice bottles in the rack. Since it is made of solid birch wood, it is relatively easy to clean the rack.

Bekvam Spice Rack

2. Falsterbo Wall Shelf: This shelf consists of three racks and three small drawers at the bottom just enough to store all your kitchen essentials. Since it is a wall mounted unit, it frees up the counter space.

Falsterbo Wall Shelf

3. Fintorp Cutlery Stand: Available in two colors of black and white, this cutlery stand can easily be mounted on a small rod thereby providing enough space in your kitchen counter top. Because of the solid colors of this stand, it blends in well with all colors in the kitchen.

Fintorp Cutlery Stand

4. Grundtal Dish Drainer: Made of stainless steel, the Grundtal dish drainer is a must have accessory in your kitchen. It can be hung on the rail thereby providing more space to the counter top. The removable tray beneath the drainer collects water leaving the kitchen neat and clean.

Grundtal Dish Drainer

5. Stenstorp Plate Shelf: Yet another must have accessory for your kitchen, the Stenstorp plate shelf can easily be mounted on your kitchen wall thereby freeing up the counter top. Though a plate shelf, it can also be used to store glass, cups and other small bowls.

Stenstorp Plate Shelf

6. Raskog Wall Cabinet: This is a multi functional wall cabinet and can be used to store any kitchen accessory from small containers to bowls and cups. The glass door of the cabinet makes it easy to locate the items stored inside the cabinet.

Raskog Wall Cabinet

7. Rimforsa basket: This multipurpose basket is made of birch veneer and can be hung on the kitchen wall to free counter top. It can be used to store your crockery, bottles or even used to plant kitchen herbs.

Rimforsa Basket

8. Grundtal Magnetic Knife Rack: This rack lets you store your knife without scraping its edges. The magnetic surface of the rack holds the knife thereby preserving its sharp edges.

Grundtal Magnetic Knife Rack

These kitchen organizers not only make your organizing task easier but also adds to the overall beauty and aesthetics of your kitchen décor. Get these products right away and add to the ‘wow’ factor of your kitchen.

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