Organising Small Kitchens

Organising Small Kitchens

The kitchen is like the heart of the house. Where the magic happens if you let it. Because of over-stuffed, cluttered, and disorganised cabinets creating magic could be difficult and not tempting. To use these genius tricks that we are going to give you, you don’t have to have a small kitchen. These are great for everyone who wants to create some magic in the kitchen and make the house a ‘living’ house. But these are lifesavers for small kitchens.

Back of the cabinet doors: These are like a blank canvas. Be creative with hooks, small containers and bars. You can hang dishwashing gloves, keep sponges and liquids in the container. Placing a grocery bag dispenser is the perfect way to keep the bags organised and use the cabinet door for a good purpose. You can also store your cutting boards by installing a small wire organiser.

Back of the cabinet doors are great places to create some extra storage.

Magazine holder: If you like to stack cans but can’t find enough space you might want to try magazine holders as can holders. This way you can open up some additional storage space. Just make sure the cans you regularly buy, fit in the organiser.

Walls and side of the cabinets: If you have more pots than you can fit in your cabinets try to eliminate them first. If you can’t and don’t know where to fit them use your walls and side of the cabinets. It’s also great if you don’t want to deal with finding the pot. It will always be right there where you can see and reach it.

If you have many cooking pots and not enough storage you can use side of the cabinets.

Under the kitchen sink: These doors are opening to ‘clutterland’ in every house for sure. It’s like you place those things just to forget or never to be found. If you buy a few shelves and boxes you can easily organise under the sink and find every single thing you look for.

Metal rack: If you don’t know what to do with all the cookie sheets you have, place a metal rack in one of the cabinets. It will perfectly hold them organised until the next time you need one of them.

Placing a metal rack would keep all the cookie sheets organised.

Storing trash bags: This is a great way to keep trash bags close and organised. Just place a little bar under the sink where you can place trash bags.

File holder: All the little plastic bags, plastic wrap and tin foil disappears into the clutter in the drawer whenever you try to find them? Place a file holder on the back of the cabinet door or in the cabinet and fill it with these packages.

Sink caddy: Just install these in the cabinet and fill them with all the little packets of soup mix, seasonings, drink mixes etc.

Office dividers: You can use these dividers for any drawer actually. If you have miscellaneous kitchen objects finding them a home in drawers/dividers would be perfect.

Keep in my that a well-organised kitchen is helpful in many ways. You can find anything you look for so easily, cooking is less hassle if you see it as deep cleaning is no longer a nightmare. If you need a hand for organising your kitchen or deep cleaning your kitchen or maybe for both, you can easily book a cleaning session with Justmop. Visit Justmop website or download the app now!

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