Save Some Time And Space

Save Some Time And Space

We all heard our mother shouting at us to clean up and tidy our bedrooms. She never understood the harmony of that mess we created. Well, maybe it’s time to make her proud with your organizational skills. We have few tips to help you.

Chain for your closet:

Best tip ever for a small closet! This trick will work best for t-shirts. You can hang as many t-shirts as you want like this. All you need is a S hanger and chains. If you prefer to add colour to your closet you can use spray paint to make the hangers colourful. You can also double your hangers with a can tabs which would be easier but less fancy.


You can easily multiply your hangers.


Or you can just double it.









Shower rings for your hanger:

We can’t really say that we like knotting our scarves to the hangers neither do you we think. We never thought shower rings could save us from this trouble. You should give it a try, you won’t regret it!

No more knotting your scarves to the hangers.

No more knotting your scarves to the hangers.

Extra texture for your hanger:

What we hate more than knotting our scarves to the hanger is having our items falling from hanger. To avoid having same nightmare over and over again you can add some extra texture to your hangers with hot glue.

Hot glue will save you from trouble.

Hot glue will save you from trouble.

Shelf brackets for your closet:

This is one of the best ways to display your jeans for every day use. You can hang Ikea shelf brackets into your closet or to the wall in your bedroom.

Best way to display your pants!

Best way to display your pants!

Hangers for your flipflops:

Living in a hot climate comes with consequences like having too many pairs of flip flops and never stop buying new ones. Well thanks to this trick you can easily display them. You can make your wire hangers curve to hang your flip flops. You can do same for your ballerina flats as well.


Curve your wire hangers to hang your flipflops.

Or your ballerina shoes.











Wine rack for your clutches:

You saw the perfect wine storage but you have no idea what to do with the old one. Why not move it to your room to display your clutches? Well, opposite of wine your clutches won’t get better when they age so you better use them while they last.


Turn your old wine rack into a clutch holder.

Your mother’s favourite tip:

It may not be her favourite one yet but after she sees your t-shirt drawer it will be! Instead of creating a huge pile in your drawer fold them in KonMari way and voila! All your t-shirts are easy to find. You can use this technique for undies, bras, socks, tank tops, pants etc. Isn’t it much better like this? You’ll thank us later.

This tip will make your mother happy.

This tip will make your mother happy.

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