Show Some Love To Your Bedding

Show Some Love To Your Bedding

We spend most of our lives either in bed or at work. Don’t worry, we are not going to talk about the boring part, only the nice part, bed time! Some prefer to spend more time there than others. But at the end of the day we all crawl up into bed and cuddle the fluffy blanket. For a healthy sleep you need more than fluffy sheets. Here are a few things for you to show some love to your bedding.

Keep your sheets clean: It’s very important that you change your bed sheets once in a week to prevent dust mites and bacteria to reproduce. To keep your linen life longer follow the instruction on the label.

Change your bed sheets every week.

Soften your sheets: Using commercial products to soften your linen is not very good for your skin nor for the environment. If you are looking for alternative ways of fluffing your linen you can use a few natural products. Soap nuts it’s the best thing can happen to your linen. It might be difficult to find but if you do you will see how perfectly it softens your linen. Another way to soften your linen is to add one cup of borax to your wash load. Try, you won’t regret it.

Try alternative ways to soften your sheets.

Air your bed: This one might shock you. You shouldn’t make your bed right after you get up. You should air your bed before making it. Airing your bed will prevent dust mites to produce.

Use an undersheet: To keep your mattress clean always use a mattress protector. Some stains are almost impossible to remove. To avoid dealing with such things use an undersheet.

Wash your pillows: Wash your pillows twice a year. But of course check the label before throwing them in the machine. Most of them are washable but it’s better to check before it’s too late. Always use a pillow protector to extend the life of your pillow and for better hygiene.

Use pillow case for your pillows.

Wash the duvet: Don’t forget to wash your duvet before storing it for the next season. Most of the duvets are washable but it might be difficult to wash it in the machine since they are too big. If it doesn’t fit in the machine or if it’s feather it might be a better idea to dry clean it.

Clean the mattress regularly: If your mattress is suitable to use both sides, reverse it every six months. Also you can use a mixture to clean your mattress. Mix 5 tablespoons of baking soda and 5 drops of lavender oil. Sprinkle the mixture over the mattress and vacuum it after an hour. But keep in mind that your mattress need deep cleaning every 4 months or so. To get rid of mites, hair, stains, bugs you can seek professional help. Justmop mattress cleaning services will clean your mattress in only 30 minutes!

We hope all these above tops will help you to get a better and healthier sleep. Good night and sweet dreams! 🙂

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