Simple Tricks To Turn Your House Into A Luxury Hotel

Simple Tricks To Turn Your House Into A Luxury Hotel

Don’t we all love the time we spent in our cozy and elegant homes away from home when we go on a holiday? What makes us feel this way, besides not doing the cleaning? 🙂 Here are a few tricks for you to turn your house into a cozy and elegant hotel room and have the same feelings in your home sweet home.

Declutter: One simple room would make your house look more elegant; LESS IS MORE! To update your house into an elegant look all you need is to edit your house. Consider every piece and decide what to keep and what to give away. When you keep only necessary items like sofa, chairs, tables and a few frames or paintings the room looks bigger and cleaner. And do we really say that it’s always to clean when there is less stuff around?

Focus Wall: To bring a glamour in the room you can create a focus room. Painting or using wallpaper on one of your four walls will bring an elegant look instantaneously into the room. Try lighter colours for three and darker for the fourth.

Using wallpaper even just for one wall would do the trick.

Neutral Colours: Using neutral colours is always a great idea. Remember, simple can be chic too. You can always add colours by some seasonal decorating. Changing your pillows, decorative items, etc. according to the season will persistently give the room a fresh look. So when you feel like you need a change in the room you won’t need to spend a fortune, simple changes would do the trick.

Simple can be chic.

Oversized Furniture: Have some courage to go with big furniture. Just be careful to leave enough space to move around. Oversized furniture can be super comfy which is all you need for your house. If you are not very into big furniture pick large lightning fixtures. Good lightning can have a magical effect in the house.

Go with big furniture.

Artwork: Have you noticed that every luxury hotel room has a painting on the wall? That’s for a good reason. If you choose the right one, you will see that you don’t need much to make a room look elegant. Why don’t you start looking for a local artist?

Start looking for a local artist.

Fresh Flowers: A small trick to make a huge impact. If you take good care, cut flowers can stay fresh up to 10 days. When you see how homely and cozy they make your house you will take good care of them, we are sure of it.

Small trick, huge impact.

Following these tricks will of course give an elegant look to your house. But it’s not enough. A dirty house can never be chic. Book a professional maid now and never worry about the cleaning.

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