Tips For Organizing Small Laundry Room

Tips For Organizing Small Laundry Room

Laundry room is an essential part of all Dubai homes. How much ever small the house is, it is sure to have at least a small laundry room. Though small, most of these rooms will have a little more space to store your essentials.
Here are some tips to organize the laundry room and make the maximum use of the space.

Add countertop: Add a counter top above the washing machine. This will provide you enough space to store all your washing essentials like detergent, soap and fabric conditioner. If required you can even provide some hooks on the edge of the countertop and hang a curtain to provide a neat look to the room.

Countertops will provide you enough space to store all your washing products.

Add cabinets: If you have enough wall space in the room, then you can even attach wall cabinets and store your essentials there. Attach a rod below the cabinet and hang the hangers there. Place a small box inside the cabinet to store all the coins and buttons you collect.

Cabinets help in sorting out your laundry essentials.

Use hanging baskets: If the room is too small to have a separate space to store your washing essentials, then place a hanging basket on the corner or on the side wall and hang all your washing essentials there. Alternatively, you can also hang the basket behind the door to save space.

Use hanging basket to store your detergent.

Wall mounted ironing boards: These boards not only save space but also provides a neat and compact look to the room. Place it on the side wall and pull out the board whenever required.

Use ironing board to save space.

Hang a cloth liner: If you have space, hang a small cloth liner to hang those missing socks and other small items like towel and tie.

Use laundry sorter: Use stackable laundry sorter to store your colored clothes, white clothes and denims.

Following these simple tips will ensure that your laundry room is not only neat and clean but also organized properly. Make your laundry task easier and enjoyable! If it will never be an enjoyable task for you then you can call Justmop’s maids for ironing.

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