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Part-Time Maid Services

Part-Time Maid Services

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Schedules can get crazy. And when you've children and work? It could get crazier. And with Kuwait being one of the hottest countries in the world the chances of stress levels plummeting might not be so high. When these factors come into play with the jumping, crawling of the kids being kids, the workload at the office and social commitments to events and gatherings, the joys of life can seem snuffed out when you still have to clean up after everyone in spite of the long day at the office or how boring house chores can be. It would come as no surprise if you choose to get someone else to do the job, someone you could pay to take care of all your cleaning chores so you could have more time to yourself to spend at work, with the family or allow yourself build a social diary. Now, sometimes, we as humans for a number of reasons might prefer to not have such persons on hand or full time, living in with you and sharing your personal space or we just find we don't need the help that often or on a steady so we go for a part-time maid that way they are rarely in your space and you still get a clean house.

However be the case, the decision to hire a part-time housekeeper from Justlife can dramatically improve the time you have to dedicate to other tasks at hand.

Yet, knowing we render other services at Justlife we understand it might be somewhat difficult deciding which of our services you want to go for. Therefore, we have outlined certain details about having a part-time maid:

Our professionally trained maids might be considered part time when they work less than 30 hours a week for you. We have a large amount of clientele so our part-time maids are not only at your service unless a time is booked and scheduled to that effect.

Property Size:
This might be a big variable to consider when hiring our part-time maids. If your property is more than 3 bedrooms and used as a secondary residence or infrequently and you would prefer our part-time maid comes in once a month, weekly or bi-weekly to clean it that's ok but if you want more we could still hook you up with one of our other cleaning packages that you feel might suit you better.

What's Your Social Diary like?
The amount of entertaining you do will also affect your need for a part-time housekeeper. This could help you decide on hiring our Part-time maids if you want us to clean up after an event at your home or office or you want us to clean up when you're about to move into a new place or move out of your old place.

If your guests visit regularly with you, you need the guest rooms cleaned, aired, and prepared for them and cleaned after use. In that case, you could book at Justlife for a one-off, a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly plan that will cater to your schedule for receiving guests.

We know making the decision about hiring help can be a complex decision especially when you feel you can handle it all but what we at Justlife are most concerned with is reliving the stress that could be annoying with cleaning and bringing a sparkle you never thought possible to your home so if you require the services of our part-time maids, do tap on the screen of your phone and book away that way our top-notch cleaning services come your way faster than you can blink.

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