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Mattress Cleaning Abu Dhabi

Mattress Cleaning Abu Dhabi

Call us at 800 5667 (JMOP). We come and clean your mattress anywhere in Abu Dhabi

Mattress Cleaning for a Good Night’s Sleep

When you get back home from a long day at work, you’d probably just want to feel comfortable and relaxed in your warm and cozy bed for a good night’s sleep. Our mattresses, without a second thought are the closest objects on which we share the most intimate relationships with the most important people in our lives from our children, spouses, partners, close family members or friends. 

Mattresses do gather dust and dirt over time and if one fails to maintain the hygiene on it for a consistent basis it is bound to get soiled and not just  be harmful for your health but also become the breeding ground for bed bugs and dust mites which in turn might give rise to an odor and mold. Did you know? These dust mites dead skin are microscopic in nature and thereby makes it difficult to see for the naked eye, while we may not pay attention to them, we sure are at the risk of dust and skin allergies

Experts recommend that cleaning your mattress is very important, especially if you live in a humid environment which is likely to absorb sweat and moisture from the body after one gets out of bed. Also, if you have infants, pets, or small children who are constantly on the mattress, then the mattress is likely to have more dirt, dust and stains.

The question now is, how do you clean a mattress and keep these problems at bay? There isn’t a magic formula whereby you could put your dirty mattresses in a washing machine or vaccum it overnight and expect to see it like a new one. Correct? Nobody, definitely would think of buying a new mattress every new year in place of an existing mattresses, unless absolutely necessary.
So why not invest into a service that lets you sit back and relax while we get all the cleaning work done.

Well, look no further than this, because we got a solution that’s just right for you and yes, you could call it the magic formula. We, at JustMop use advanced methods and sophisticated techniques to remove dirt or stains from your mattresses and thoroughly clean it which leaves it with a pleasant smell.

Our professionals are specially trained by experts to provide exceptional mattress 
cleaning in Abu Dhabi for small sized or large sized independent houses and apartments using a chemical free system that kills or removes dust mites, germs, mold and bed bugs in your sleeping environment. By using advanced techniques we ensure that your mattress is odorless, stainless and bug free. In addition to these services, our fast and efficient professional mattress cleaners ensure that mattresses give you a heavenly sleep

As a pro tip, here are some hacks that you can use to your mattresses clean and tidy:

  • Change your bed sheets, pillow covers once a week 
  • Ensure your bedroom cooler is below 22 degrees celsius as dust mites tend to breed in temperature above 22 degrees
  • It is recommended that you steam clean your mattress as this kills the bugs, if you cannot steam clean it, wash the bedsheets with hot water.
  • Regular vacuuming will keep the mattresses clean and fresh. By vacuuming, it removes skin flakes, dirt and dust
  • Make it a habit to flip your mattress once in six months as this extends the mattress life. If you don’t want to flip it, rotate it once in a month.

For more information about our mattress cleaning services in Abu Dhabi or to schedule an appointment  Call us on 800 5667(JMOP). We look forward talking to you!


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