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With Justlife, you can get your car cleaned even without driving it to a cleaner’s service. Nobody wants a dirty car, but it can be time-consuming to go to the carwash once in a while. Thus, we offer a car cleaning service right at your doorstep!



What Services Are Included in Car Wash at Home?


There is sufficient skill and equipment needed to perform a car wash to support a profession. Because of this, even though we occasionally intend to wash the car ourselves, plans like preparing the cleaning supplies to be used before washing, and the choice of sponges, and brooms can be very challenging. Because of this, we frequently use expert services for the auto wash procedure.

When washing cars, the components used must be carefully chosen. The car's paint may be scuffed and the car may sustain damage if the wrong materials are used. Such issues can arise even in the absence of any vehicles. Both the supplies used and the method of a car wash at home is important. Therefore, it is preferable to let a professional wash your car.

Today, using household cleaners to clean a car is the most typical error made. This error could seriously harm the vehicle. When selling automobiles, the appraisal report will then detail these issues. This is a component that lowers the vehicle's value. Better results are obtained when cleaning the car with materials made specifically for car washes.


Applications offered as part of the car-washing service;

  • Ozone disinfection service plus act plus polished washing

  • Cleaning of bags

  • Paint defense

  • Pristine washing

  • Car seat cleaning and accessories

  • Internal sanitization and cleaning in great detail

  • Exterior car wash and car interior cleaning

  • Disposal, polishing, and preservation of headlight scratches Internal defense

  • Tire and rim cleaning

  • Cleaning of the wick and upholstery inside doors

  • Cleaning the air conditioning

  • Implementation of engine protection and cleaning

  • Application of windshield water lubricant

  • Carpet cleaning on floors

  • Cleaning the ceiling

  • Cleaning torpedoes and plastic component



What is the Process for Each Car Cleaning Service?


The methods, products, and other procedures we use when cleaning cars are all crucial. First off, we certainly use materials made specifically for vehicles at this point. We follow a specific order when washing cars.


Auto clarifying shampoo; we use a shampoo made specifically for washing cars. These car shampoos distinguish between regular shampoos and polished lotions. In comparison to regular shampoos, polished shampoos have a relatively low foam rate. Contrary to popular belief, the low foam rate should not be taken to mean that less cleaning is being done. The different ingredients in car wash detergent are created in accordance with the design of the vehicle. Your vehicle will look clean and shiny thanks to polished car shampoos. However, making this choice is also crucial. We pick the option that works best for your car. When cleaning your car, we are extremely careful. In order to avoid levels that will aggravate your car, we chose car shampoos with a neutral pH rating.


People who want their cars thoroughly cleaned using a pressure washer. Deep washing is the tension washer's primary function. It is utilized in a variety of contexts, including cleaning vehicles. The moldy dust, soil, and dirt stains on the car are easily removed thanks to the compression power of the pressure washing machine. We collaborate under intense pressure.

Interior car wash: It's crucial to keep both the inside and outside of your car clean. And besides, you get to have a better experience driving your car. Additionally, both the inside and the exterior of the vehicle have been damaged from human use. It is crucial to keep it up-to-date and prevent this. We use specialized gel or specialized sprays to clean the car.

It is also crucial to clean doors from the inside, torpedoes, the roof, and floor. We wash the indoor dirt that has solidified. Using our car wash methods we make sure we’re gently cleaning the car. We avoid making sudden movements because they can cause scratches.

The paint on the car is coated using lacquer. Today, the procedures used in topcoat and pastry are often confused. The paint is taken off by the pastry procedure. The polishing procedure is done over the painted surface. We polish it to give your car a more vibrant appearance. We only apply a thin layer of the polish designed to make clear and polish the tint of the paint on your car.


Which Types of Automobiles Do We Clean?



1. Sedan

Interior car wash at home is possible for all sedan-style vehicles. It must be properly washed before going through the processes described above. Under normal circumstances, it is advised to wash the car every two weeks if it is not overly dirty. Typically, the washing process takes one hour.



2. SUV


The frequency of cleaning these cars, also referred to as off-road cars, varies depending on how frequently they are contaminated. We go into a little more car interior detailing with the cleaning because it also functions as an off-road car. We carry out car wash near me in accordance with the possibility that dirt, such as sand, soil, or mud, may have managed to enter all of the vehicle's components.



3. Motorbike

Unlike automobiles, which shield many external influences from their sections, motorbikes expose numerous mechanical components to damaging road grime. So, even though cleaning a motorcycle is equivalent to cleaning a car, there are some subtle differences that call for extra care. We thoroughly clean your engine, paying close attention to every car detailing.



What Materials Will You Use to Clean My Car?


Materials used during car cleaning:

  • To avoid causing damage to the car, we use special, soft loofah and cleaning brushes

  • Auto-washing cloth

  • Unique absorbent fabrics

  • Car wash mitts

  • Unique shampoos and car wax

  • The tension hose


Prices of Car Wash Services


The type of car, its surface area, the type of cleaning you want, and the processes to be completed in accordance with your special request, all affect our car wash service. For each and every price range, we offer car detailing services. Visit our app or website to view the prices. 



Why Choose Our Car Wash Service?


In order for you to get the best car wash service at home, we have carefully chosen our trained and licensed staff. We'll be as pleased as you are with a quick, secure, and clean outcome. Because we put the needs of our customers first.

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