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Physical therapy service is a vital healthcare factor that allows individuals to recover from injuries and improve their physical mobility. However, getting professional support can be challenging for those unable to leave their homes. Fortunately, with the rise of telemedicine and at-home services, Justlife's physiotherapy at home in UAE is now a convenient and effective solution for individuals striving to improve their physical health.



What is a Physiotherapy Service?


Physiotherapy helps people in recovering from injuries, disabilities or illnesses through physical methods like exercise and manual therapy. It aims to improve mobility, reduce pain, and overall physical function.


Qualified physiotherapists work with patients in creating personalized treatment plans according to their needs. The physiotherapist assesses the physical condition and medical history of the patient. Many tests and measurements are conducted to determine the injury or disability.


Based on the assessment, a treatment plan that may include a combination of exercise, manual therapy, and education is created. Manual therapy involves hands-on methods such as massage and joint mobilization to help reduce pain and improve mobility. Education may include advice on proper posture, ergonomics, and strategies to prevent further injury.


Physiotherapy services can treat many conditions like back pain, neck pain, stroke, sports injuries, Parkinson's disease, and many more. It can also improve overall physical function in older adults.


Physiotherapy treatment does not involve drugs or surgery, which can often have side effects and lead to a longer recovery. Instead, it focuses on natural methods to foster healing and improve physical function.


Another advantage of physiotherapy service is that it can be done almost anywhere like hospitals, clinics, and even in the patient's home. This makes it accessible to individuals with difficulty traveling or requiring ongoing treatment.


It is a personalized treatment approach tailored to each individual's conditions and ideals. 


Advantages of Getting Physiotherapy Service at Home



One of the essential benefits of physiotherapy service at home is convenience. There’s no need to take the hassle of going to clinic or hospital. Instead, a physiotherapist can come to your home anytime at your convenience. 


Personalized Treatment 

Home-based physiotherapy services provide more customized treatment to patients. The therapist can evaluate the patient's living environment and tailor the treatment plan to their needs and circumstances. This mainly helps patients with chronic conditions who may need persistent treatment and support.


Decreased Risk of Infection 

Patients can lessen their risk of exposure to infections or illnesses commonly found in clinical settings by receiving physiotherapy services at home. This is especially important during times of pandemics or outbreaks.


Increased Comfort 

Many patients feel more comfortable receiving physiotherapy at home, as they are in a familiar and comfortable environment. This can improve treatment outcomes as patients are more relaxed and receptive.


Family Involvement 

When patients receive physiotherapy services at home, family members can participate in the treatment process. 



Home-based physiotherapy services can be more cost-effective than traditional clinic-based services. Patients are not required to spend for transportation, and there are no additional costs associated with clinic visits.


Improved Recovery Time 

Studies have shown that patients who receive physiotherapy services at home experience faster recovery times than those who receive treatment in a clinical setting. This is likely due to the increased convenience, comfort, and personalized medicine home-based services offer.



Our Physiotherapy at Home Services


General Physiotherapy Sessions 


This physiotherapy bundle offers a holistic approach to restoring, maintaining, and improving mobility, function, and overall well-being through 3 sessions. A DHA-licensed specialist will provide manual therapy and exercise, with personal protective equipment, to treat conditions such as arthritis, post-stroke rehabilitation, Parkinson's disease, and more.


Chronic Pain Management 


The chronic pain management session bundle offers a personalized program to help minimize the effects of chronic pain. The program aims to improve the overall quality of life and help patients return to their highest level of function and independence. The program is designed based on the specific type of pain and is led by a DHA-licensed specialist equipped with personal protective equipment. The program can address various conditions, including low back, neck, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, and wrist pain.


Dry Needling Session


Dry needling is an alternative therapy that targets trigger points to relieve pain and improve muscle function. It involves inserting solid needles into the skin to reach muscle trigger points. The treatment is effective for migraines, neck pain, and joint problems. Our DHA-licensed specialist will provide dry needling with all necessary protective equipment, following strict health and safety protocols.


Hijama/Cupping Therapy


Cupping Therapy is a traditional alternative medicine treatment that uses suction cups placed on the skin to relieve pain and improve circulation. Our DHA-licensed specialist will provide all necessary personal protective equipment to uphold safety, health, and hygiene standards.


Body Posture Correction


Body posture correction physiotherapy treatment helps correct imbalanced body positioning and improve alignment, reducing the risk of injury and promoting overall well-being. Physiotherapists use exercises, stretches, and manual therapy techniques to correct posture and improve strength, flexibility, and stability.





What makes Justlife's physiotherapy at-home services trustworthy?


DHA-licensed specialists perform Justlife's physiotherapy at-home services and come with a safety guarantee. You can be confident that you are obtaining high-quality and safe care.


Is physiotherapy at home as effective as in-clinic physiotherapy?


Yes, physiotherapy at home can be as effective as in-clinic physiotherapy. Physiotherapists can design personalized treatment plans based on an individual's needs and goals, which can help achieve effective results.


Who can benefit from physiotherapy at home?


Anyone can benefit from physiotherapy at home, including individuals with chronic pain, post-surgical patients, mobility issues, and individuals who cannot travel to a clinic for physiotherapy services.


Is a referral from a doctor needed to receive physiotherapy at home?


No, a doctor's referral is not required for physiotherapy services at home through Justlife. Our assessment session allows for a comprehensive evaluation of a patient's movement, strength, flexibility, and physical function, enabling us to create a tailored rehabilitation plan.


How often will I need to receive physiotherapy at home?


The frequency of physiotherapy at home depends on an individual's needs and goals. Physiotherapists can develop a treatment plan based on the best frequency for the individual.


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