Pet Grooming Service

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Pet Grooming at Home


Treat your little friends, right at your own house with Justlife. Justlife’s pet grooming services offer a premium quality of care, and our professionals will make sure that every need of your pet is met.



What Is the Pet Grooming Service? 


Actually, home pet care is essential for the pet’s health and comfort. Justlife, groomers have a lot of experience in pet grooming and dealing with pets who might be reluctant at first. The grooming service includes not only washing, and nail clipping but also tons of love and pampering!



What is Included in Pet Grooming Service? 


We groom both cats and dogs, of different sizes and species. We have 2 main packages you can choose from. Grooming at home includes:


1. Posh, Paws, and Bath


This option is available for cat grooming and dog grooming service. While you enjoy your you-time, we will make sure that your pet is getting all the care and attention that they deserve. We work with top-rated premium mobile pet grooming salons so that you can sit back and let your furry baby have all the fun.


What’s Included?


  • Shampoo Wash

  • Hair Brushing

  • Blow Dry

  • Nail Clipping & Grinding (Pawdicure))

  • Eye and Ear Cleaning

  • Pet Perfume Spray


2. Full Grooming


You do not need to go to a pet salon for the full grooming option anymore! Book a full grooming appointment via our app or website and watch your pet getting pampered while you also relax and enjoy some time for yourself.


What’s Included?


  • Shampoo Wash

  • Hair Brushing

  • Blow Dry

  • Eye and Ear Cleaning

  • Nail Clipping & Grinding (Pawdicure)

  • Pet Perfume Spray

  • Anal Gland Cleaning

  • Trimming face hair, under the paws, tail, intimate area, and lower belly



How Often Should Pets Be Groomed?


1. For Cats 


Cats lose hair in the early summer and the autumn. The shedding of fur does increase during the summer, though. Additionally, in the summer, they may even experience an intolerable problem with their hair. We believe that cats should be shaved every three months. In this case, cat grooming at home is much better than going to a pet salon. 


2. For Dogs


Dogs are born with short and thin hair, just like individuals and newborns. The puppy's childhood hair is really quite thin, and the thin hair volume is expanded out over an extremely long time. But not every dog could experience this. So every breed of dog may have a different hair framework. Because of this, based on your dog's hair type, shaving activities may be necessary. Your dog should typically be trimmed after five months. Dog grooming at home makes your daily routines relaxed.


Dog grooming includes both hygienic regular cleaning of a dog as well as a procedure to improve a dog's physical beauty for competing or showing. A dog's health and well-being can be improved by grooming, which is essential for both. Breed, maturity level, and health all play a role in how much trimming a dog requires. The dog's convenience and wellness are ensured through routine grooming. Whereas many dogs tear, some breeds, like the poodle, don't shed as much and only need to be groomed every 4 to 8 weeks.



Why Should You Book Pet Grooming Service? 


The appearance and feel of your pet's skin will be improved, which is one of the most apparent advantages of taking them in for grooming. A quick shower will not only get rid of dead hair but also benefit the condition of their skin. We advise getting your pet trimmed at least once per month, and preferably twice. The buildup of disheveled hair on a cat's body is also known as clumping in cats. Trim is the only real solution. You could discomfort or hurt your cat if you use tools to cut off the crammed part of it. Shaving cats in the house by yourself is never appropriate. Even little shortcuts can harm the skin. So, you should take action to trim your pet. Pet grooming service is here for you.


Dog trimmers are experts at making your dog look good without hurting them. If you attempt to groom your dog at home, you run the risk of inflicting cuts, scratches, or itchy rashes on the animal. Your dog's paws will be carefully examined for cutbacks, thorns, or puncture wounds by the pet groomers. To prevent infection, groomers will apply disinfectant solutions when they find these. A trimmer will be eligible to apply the best products to prevent your dog's body if it has a skin disorder. If your pet has a skin disease and you try to groom him at home, you may just irritate him/her further.



Why Choose Our Pet Grooming Service? 


Decide to choose us if you need to give your best friend the best quality of life. Our concern is with order, restraint, love, and accountability. We believe that each and every animal deserves special attention, and we adore and cherish caring for your furry friends. The fact that it is comfy after we trim, which we do without strain or pain, brings us the most joy. We strive to give your pet the best care they deserve. 



How Much Does a Pet Grooming Service Cost?


At any pet grooming company, the costs vary on the pet’s size and the services chosen. Please visit our app or website for the price list. 


With the help of Justlife, mobile pet grooming is now easier than ever. Mobile dog grooming is now a few clicks away. Your dog and cat need and deserve the best care. In this case mobile grooming will assist you to make reservations to hire a home grooming service. From dog wash to cat care, we offer it all at Justlife.


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