5 Tips To Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer

Do you want to keep your pets cool this summer? Now book pet grooming services in a few steps!

Summer is particularly difficult for pets. It's critical to keep an eye out for your pet throughout the summer months. Overheating can induce heat stroke in animals, which can result in organ failure and even death. Heatstroke is especially dangerous for pets who are elderly, overweight or have a medical condition, as well as dogs with flat faces like pugs, French bulldogs, and English bulldogs. Here are five tips to keep your pet cool and comfortable during scorching hot summer months.



  • Take Your Daily Walks With Your Pet in the Early Evenings

This will allow you to avoid the warmest portion of the day and prevent your dog from being dehydrated or burning its paws on hot asphalt or concrete. The Five-Second Rule is one approach to see if the earth is excessively hot. Put the back of your hand on the surface for five seconds; if it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your dog!



  • NEVER Leave Your Pet in the Car

Even with the windows down and the car parked in the shade, these steps are insufficient to prevent your pet from being overheated. According to one research, even if the outside temperature is a pleasant 22 degrees, the inside of a car may quickly reach 47 degrees. Please contact emergency hotlines immediately if you notice a dog alone in a car.



  • Hydrate Your Pet Regularly and Ensure That It Has Access to Shade and Cool Areas

It's also worthwhile to provide additional water sources. If your pet usually drinks from a single water bowl, add a few other bowls in various locations just in case one of the others is knocked over.



  • If It’s Really Hot and Humid, Don’t Go Out at All

Your pets will love it if you can keep your home cool with air conditioning, fans, or open windows.



  • Have Your Pets Groomed Regularly

In the hot summer months, pet grooming, whether it is cat grooming or dog grooming, is extremely important. Animal grooming not only protects your pet from overheating in warm months but also prevents the cultivation of parasites on your pet. But a quick side note is that you shouldn’t groom your pet yourself. It is best to enlist the services of a professional pet grooming service, as pets can get uneasy when being groomed because of the cramped sensation. Thankfully, Justlife provides your pet with the relaxation and restfulness of a groomed body! Justlife’s pet grooming services are delivered by experts who know their way around pets. So you can entrust your pet to a Justlife professional with a clear conscience. Book a pet grooming service from Justlife now!

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