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What is Oxygen Therapy?


Oxygen therapy involves the administration of supplemental oxygen to individuals who may have difficulty getting enough oxygen naturally through regular breathing. It's a medical treatment used to increase the amount of oxygen in the body when levels are low due to various health conditions or circumstances.


The therapy typically involves delivering oxygen through different devices, such as:


Oxygen Concentrators: These devices extract oxygen from the air, concentrate it, and deliver it through a nasal cannula or mask.


Oxygen Cylinders: Portable cylinders containing compressed oxygen can be used where mobility is necessary.


Liquid Oxygen Systems: These systems store oxygen in a liquid form, allowing for smaller storage systems than compressed gas cylinders.


Oxygen treatment is endorsed by medical care experts and is utilized to treat conditions where blood oxygen levels are lacking; for example.


Pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD): Conditions like emphysema and persistent bronchitis can disable lung capability, prompting diminished oxygen consumption.


Pneumonia: Contaminations and aggravations of the lungs can lessen the lungs' capacity to move oxygen into the circulation system.


Heart Conditions: Insufficient oxygen can be delivered to the body's tissues by certain heart diseases.


Rest Apnea: During rest, stops in breathing decrease oxygen levels, and oxygen treatment can be utilized during rest to mitigate this issue.


The therapy aims to make more oxygen available to the body, improve oxygenation of tissues and organs, lessen heart strain, and improve well-being in general. Medical care proficiency decides the term and power of oxygen treatment given individual necessities and the fundamental condition.


Can you do oxygen therapy at home?


Yes, you can book an oxygen therapy at home with Justlife. Justlife's oxygen therapy at home involves delivering and setting up oxygen equipment, such as oxygen concentrators or cylinders, directly to your residence. Trained professionals oversee the installation, provide instructions on usage, and ensure the equipment operates effectively and safely.


Justlife's at-home oxygen therapy could provide a convenient and comfortable solution for individuals who require supplemental oxygen, ensuring they receive the necessary treatment without frequent clinic visits.


What are the benefits of oxygen therapy?


Oxygen treatment offers a few possible advantages for people encountering low oxygen levels because of different medical issues. A portion of the key advantages include:


Further developed Oxygenation: Oxygen therapy raises blood oxygen levels by making more oxygen available to the body. This can reduce side effects of low oxygen levels, like windedness, exhaustion, and instability.


Improved Organ Capability: Satisfactory oxygenation upholds indispensable organs, guaranteeing they get adequate oxygen to work ideally. This can help heart capability, cerebrum action, and, by and large, tissue well-being.


Reduced Strain on the Heart: In conditions where the heart has to work harder to pump blood due to low oxygen levels, supplemental oxygen can ease this strain by increasing the oxygen content in the blood, potentially improving heart function.


Improved Exercise Tolerance: Oxygen therapy can enable individuals with respiratory conditions to perform physical activities with less difficulty by providing the necessary oxygen support during exertion.


Abatement of Symptoms: Oxygen therapy can alleviate symptoms like shortness of breath, wheezing, and tightness in the chest for respiratory illnesses like pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and others.


Improved Rest Quality: Oxygen therapy has the potential to aid in the maintenance of adequate oxygen levels in sleep-related breathing disorders like sleep apnea, potentially enhancing the quality of one's sleep and reducing the complications that arise from sleep patterns that are interrupted.


Advancement of Mending: Supplemental oxygen can help with twisted mending by guaranteeing tissues get adequate oxygen for the recuperating system.


While oxygen therapy offers these benefits, it is crucial to use it as healthcare professionals prescribe. Excessive oxygen levels can have adverse effects, and the treatment should be tailored to an individual's specific needs and monitored by healthcare providers to ensure safety and efficacy.


Why book Justlife's oxygen therapy at home?


Justlife's oxygen therapy at home may offer several advantages that prioritize convenience, comfort, and personalized care:


Convenience: Bringing oxygen therapy directly to your home eliminates the need for frequent clinic or hospital visits, saving time and effort, especially for individuals with limited mobility or transportation challenges.


Comfortable Setting: Conducting therapy in the familiar environment of your home can reduce the stress often associated with medical settings, promoting a more relaxed experience during treatment.


Tailored Support: Justlife's services at home likely provide personalized attention and guidance. This can include assistance in setting up the equipment, instructions on usage, and ongoing support to address any concerns or queries related to the therapy.


Privacy: Home-based therapy ensures a higher level of privacy than clinical settings, which can be particularly valuable for individuals seeking discretion regarding their health treatments.


Reduced Disruptions: Avoiding clinic visits means no waiting rooms or potential exposure to illnesses in public spaces, providing a more controlled and safer environment for therapy.


Professional Oversight: Justlife likely employs trained professionals to oversee the setup, usage, and maintenance of the equipment, ensuring proper functioning and adherence to safety measures.


Regular Monitoring: Professionals might conduct periodic check-ups or assessments to ensure the equipment's effectiveness and comfort during therapy.


While these benefits can enhance the experience of oxygen therapy at home, it's essential to ensure that the service provider maintains high safety standards, employs trained professionals, and follows strict quality standards for effective and safe therapy. Consulting healthcare professionals and following their guidance regarding home-based oxygen therapy is essential for optimal results and safety.


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