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House Cleaning Services in UAE

House Cleaning Services in UAE

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What should house cleaners clean?

When you hire a house cleaner, you normally will have certain task in hand. It will either be to clean your kitchen or bathroom or to undertake general cleaning activity all over your home. But have you ever checked with a cleaning company what the cleaners are actually expected to do? Are they given any instruction by the cleaning agency about the type of cleaning they should undertake for each room in the house?

Here are the things which a house cleaner is expected to do for each room of your house

Living room: Apart from general moping and cleaning, the house cleaners are expected to undertake a thorough cleaning of the living room. They should dust and clean the windows and door especially the balcony doors and windows as they tend to get dusty in UAE weather. They should pay special attention to the frame of the window. All the home décor pieces and wall hangingsas well as the TV screen should be dusted and cleaned thoroughly. Fixtures and fittings, if any, especially lighting should be disinfected and cleaned.

Kitchen: This is one room where maximum cleaning takes place. In addition to scrubbing and cleaning the kitchen countertop and cabinets, house cleaners are also expected to clean all the appliances of the kitchen like refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher. They should pay attention to hard to reach spots of the kitchen like the area below the refrigerator, dishwasher and above the cabinet. Kitchen hood should also be removed and thoroughly cleaned.

Bathroom: House cleaners are expected to scrub and clean the bath tub and sink. They should dispose of the waste and clean the mat and rug. All grouts should be thoroughly cleaned especially the one on the floor. Toilet should be disinfected and cleaned thoroughly. Cabinets, if any are to be cleaned and organized.

If you are looking for any of the above services for your home, look no further. Visit our website and book a house cleaner and our professional cleaner ensure that the job is undertaken as per your requirement. 

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