5 Essential Cleaning Materials You Should Have When Cleaning Your Home

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We all know that a house cannot be cleaned without some cleaning materials. Even though there are many house cleaning materials nowadays for every specific occasion or cleaning services that bring the necessary cleaning materials with them, like Justlife, it is sometimes good to remember that there are some fixed home cleaning materials that every house needs to have. Here are 5 house keeping materials you should make sure you have before starting your house cleaning journey.


  • Vacuum

This is now a standard piece of equipment in practically every home. Despite the fact that they are expensive and consume a lot of power, they are still the greatest alternative for removing dust and fiber particles from the home. Brooms merely collect dust and swirl it about, but vacuums suck up dust and effectively eliminate it.


  • Bleach

All-purpose bleach cleansers are excellent for removing difficult stains, sterilizing household objects, disinfecting surfaces, removing mold and mildew, and basically deep cleaning everything you used it on. Avoid allowing the product to come into touch with your skin or eyes, as it may irritate them.


  • Bucket and a Mop

The mop, as old-fashioned as it may look, cannot be phased out just yet. This is what you'll need to apply most of your cleansers, such as bleach. To decrease the physical strain of using a mop, utilize some of the more recent types with twisters.


  • All-Purpose Surface Cleaner

It's an excellent all-purpose cleaner for cleaning furniture surfaces, removing build-up, cleaning countertops, and doing regular touch-ups around the house. It doesn't work as well on glass or removing stains from cloth. Unless the product explicitly specifies differently, it is a mild disinfectant.


  • Sponges and Microfiber Cloths

Double-sided sponges are ideal for cleaning smooth surfaces like plates and sinks, as well as harder stains, without harming them. Microfiber towels are excellent for cleaning and dust removal. They can be used to clean electronics in the same way as optical cloth can. Just stay away from oily surfaces, since they will leave a permanent stain on the clothes.



It is sometimes easy to take the good old bleach and all-purpose surface cleaner for granted. Even though they are one of the most simple cleaning products, they get the job done. Acquiring these products may be a hefty job, so enlisting the services of a cleaning company that brings all the necessary cleaning products, such as Justlife, might as well do the trick! Justlife, with their top-tier cleaning crew and advanced cleaning products that they bring with themselves, will help you keep your house clean for longer periods of time. You can save time for life, with Justlife.



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