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Maintaining a clean and organized home isn't merely about aesthetics; it significantly impacts the health and well-being of your family. However, with the bustling lifestyle in the UAE, it can often be challenging to keep up with household chores. That's where professional housekeeping services step in. Regarding unparalleled housekeeping services in UAE, Justlife is your ideal companion, enabling you to walk into a pristine home without lifting a finger.



Understanding Housekeeping Services in United Arab Emirates With Justlife


Housekeeping services encompass various tasks, from routine cleaning to home organization. As a prominent housekeeping company in the United Arab Emirates, Justlife offers flexible service packages tailored to your specific needs, whether you require weekly or one-time cleaning services.


Before delving into the cost element, it's essential to acknowledge that the price of housekeeping services can vary, influenced by the size of your home, the type of tasks, and the frequency of service. Nonetheless, once you engage with Justlife and find a housekeeper suited to your requirements, the resultant peace of mind and immaculate cleanliness are priceless.



Discover the Ideal Housekeeping Services at Justlife


The journey to finding the perfect housekeeping services in UAE begins with Justlife. As a housekeeping company boasting a solid reputation, positive customer testimonials, and a commitment to delivering superior quality service, ensuring your satisfaction is our priority. Our well-trained, reliable staff prioritize safety and customer satisfaction above all.


At Justlife, we encourage open discussions about your requirements and concerns. We are transparent about our cleaning services and fees and strive to customize our services to fit your unique needs.


Deciphering the House Keeper Cost at Justlife


In the UAE, the cost of housekeeping services can differ significantly based on various factors. However, it's vital to remember that lower prices may not guarantee top-notch service.

At Justlife, our housekeeper cost includes comprehensive background checks and insurance coverage for our housekeepers, ensuring an additional layer of security for you.



Find a Housekeeper: The Perfect Match for Your Home With Justlife


Your home is your haven, and finding a housekeeper who respects your space and nurtures your home like their own is crucial. Justlife offers the option to check housekeepers’ ratings and comments.

To find a housekeeper, seek someone experienced, trustworthy, and adaptable to your family's schedule and lifestyle – qualities that Justlife insists upon.



How Long Does a Justlife Housekeeper Take To Finish Cleaning?


Regarding the time taken for housekeeping services, each home is unique due to variations in size, layout, and the individual homeowner's requirements. At Justlife, we understand this distinctiveness and have developed a generalized system to estimate the duration of cleaning services.


Refer to below for a rough estimate of the cleaning duration based on the number of bedrooms in your home:


Number of Bedrooms

vs Duration of Cleaning*


2 hours

1 Bedroom

2-3 hours

2 Bedrooms

3-4 hours

3 Bedrooms

4-5 hours

4 Bedrooms

5-6 hours

5 Bedrooms

6-7 hours


*Regular cleaning includes cleaning, wiping surfaces, dusting, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming.


If you plan to have extra tasks such as cleaning the oven or fridge, wiping blinds, or cleaning the balcony, we suggest adding 30-45 minutes per task. For those residing in villas, we recommend booking an extra hour to ensure a thorough cleaning.


For a clear understanding, here is a breakdown of the estimated time taken per task for a standard cleaning service:


Kitchen (30 mins):

  • Wash dishes

  • Wipe sink, countertops

  • Wipe kitchen appliances


Bathroom (30 mins):

  • Clean bathtub, showers

  • Clean toilet, bidet

  • Wipe sink, countertops

  • Hang/Fold towels

  • Clean mirrors


Bedroom (20 mins):

  • Make beds

  • Fold clothes

  • Clear mirrors


General (40 mins):

  • Organize items

  • Vacuum floors/rug

  • Dust down furniture

  • Dust down all surfaces

  • Wipe light switches

  • Wipe door handles

  • Wipe window ledges

  • Mop floors

  • Take out rubbish


Extras - add an extra 30-45 mins per task:

  • Do the laundry

  • Change sheets, pillowcases

  • Clean interior windows

  • Clean balcony/patio

  • Clean inside cupboards

  • Clean inside oven/fridge


Discover the difference a Justlife housekeeper can make in your home today! At Justlife, we highly recommend discussing your needs and requirements with your cleaning professional to ensure they understand what you would like done within your home. This discussion will not only ensure that your home is sparkling clean but also that it is cleaned to your satisfaction and preference.



Your Home Deserves the Best With Justlife


Housekeeping services in UAE are a godsend for those striving to balance work, family commitments, and clean home. By engaging a professional housekeeping company like Justlife, you get a sparkling clean house and more time to spend with your loved ones or indulge in your hobbies.


In your search for top-notch housekeeping services in UAE, remember to weigh the pros and cons and always prioritize quality and reliability over the housekeeper's cost. After all, peace of mind and a clean home are truly priceless! Don't wait; find a housekeeper today through Justlife and revel in the joy of a sparkling clean house.


A clean home is a happy home. Your home deserves to shine bright like a diamond. Your ideal housekeeper awaits! Make the right choice by choosing Justlife, your one-stop solution for the best housekeeping services in the UAE.


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