Electric Services in the United Arab Emirates: Electrical Maintenance, Works and Repairs

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Have a problem with electricity at your house? No need to worry, because our professional electricians are here. One of our areas of expertise is offering domestic electrical services in the UAE. Electricity is everywhere in our lives: every device, electrical switch, and power outlet in a house depends on the electrical system. As a result, it is crucial that the system is installed by a trustworthy home electrical service with the electrician.


Since the efficiency of your appliances and the security of your home depend on each stage of electrical work, from the fundamentals like wiring to the finishing touches like connections, the professionals in the electric service company you choose must recognize its significance.


Reasons to Hire a Professional Electrician


Things can quickly go wrong when electronic duties and problems emerge, and any amateurish or poorly managed approach can be potentially lethal. But not with Justlife, whose local electricians are qualified professionals with years of experience performing all types of electrical services and repairs, from major to minor, wherever needed. As one of the UAE’s top electrical maintenance companies, we specialize in:


  • Wiring and rewiring as necessary

  • Light change, outlet, and fuse spur maintenance and renewal

  • Examination, maintenance, and installation of primary and tiny power distribution units

  • Repairs to the electrical system and circuit modification

  • fixing broken light fixtures

  • swapping out transformers

  • Tests and repairs for emergency lighting

  • inspecting door entry mechanisms


How Much Does It Cost for Electrical Services?


We will charge you by the hour, you can check the prices on our website or app. You can benefit from our electricians' help when outlets or light fittings are receiving too much or not enough power, when more or safer channels need to be fitted, or when the wiring needs to be upgraded because the house is old and the current power cord is subpar.



Do You Carry Out Electrical Repairs, Maintenance and Small Works?


Our electrical repairs, maintenance, and small works are of the highest caliber to provide excellent work quickly. No matter where you are or the type of electrical problem, we can fix it quickly, safely, and affordably. To ensure the highest level of safety at all times, our service electrics are available for both commercial and residential properties. Good technicians can ease your concerns and fix any problems. Remember that we are here for you.



How frequently should I call for electrical inspection, repairs and maintenance?


Every location should have an annual checkup, but the frequency will vary depending on the housing complex type: Every 3 to 5 years for houses, annually for commercial buildings, and every three to six months for industrial structures.



How to Identify if there’s an electrical problem?


  • Extension cords in excess

  • Flickering or dimming of the lights

  • Sparking

  • Switch plates or hot outlets

  • Frequently tripped breakers or blown fuses

  • Buzzing

  • Problems with the bathroom or kitchen outlets



Why Choose Justlife's Electric Services at Home?


Here are some very quick and easy answers:


Dependable electricians: Professional, competent, and trustworthy electricians who have undergone a thorough hiring process, and education.


No Extra Fees: There are no additional fees or hidden costs. Only what you ordered is charged!


Availability: Booking only takes a few seconds! And you will be able to book an appointment at a soon date.


Best-in-Class Customer Service: We always have the resources available to assist you.



Prices of Electric Repair and Maintenance Services


Sudden electrical problems can occur in any home. At such moments, it is now very easy to reach electrical experts that you can trust and want to be affordable without hesitation. The cost of the procedure varies according to the size of the problem in your home, the power it will have to deal with, and the methods to be used. After contacting us and stating your problem, we will support you in solving your problem with the electrical experts we will send to help you. By entering our website or app, you can check the prices as we charge on an hourly basis.


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