Doctor on Call and Doctor At Home Services in United Arab Emirates

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When you are feeling unwell or unable to go to the doctor, Justlife's Doctor At Home Service in UAE is dedicated to delivering high-quality medical care, catering to your needs wherever and whenever necessary.


With Justlife's Doctor At Home Service, a doctor is available on call to visit you at your residence, workplace, or hotel room, 24/7. No more enduring long queues at hospitals or clinics, and transportation concerns are a thing of the past. Simply contact a doctor, and they will promptly attend to you.


Our team is made of highly qualified and experienced doctors equipped to offer medical services. These includes routing check ups, vaccinations, diagnostic tests, and many more. 


Should you require specialized care, our doctor at home service can connect you with the appropriate medical professional and ensure seamless coordination of your treatment. This eliminates the hassle of scheduling appointments and traveling to different clinics or hospitals.


If you seek a convenient and dependable way to access medical care in the UAE, Justlife's Doctor At Home Service is the ideal solution. Book a doctor on call to visit your home or office, and receive the care you need, precisely when you need it.


Advantages of Doctor at Home Services




Doctor-at-home services offer a level of convenience that traditional medical care cannot match. Patients do not have to take time off or deal with traffic. Instead, they can receive medical care at the comfort of their own homes at the time convenient for them.




For some people, visiting the doctor’s office can be an uncomfortable or stressful experience. By having the doctor come to their home, patients can feel more at ease and relaxed, which can lead to a more productive and beneficial doctor’s appointment.


Improved Accessibility


When it's tough to make it to a doctor's office because of mobility challenges or transportation constraints, doctor-at-home services become a true lifeline. You can have access to medical care wherever you are.


Personalized Care


Doctor at home services provide a more personalized medical care. Our doctors gain a deeper understanding of their medical needs seeing the patient's home which leads to a more precise diagnosis and better treatment plants.


Reduced Risk of Infection


Visiting a doctor’s office can put patients at risk of contracting infections, especially during flu season or when there is a widespread illness. Doctor-at-home services reduce this risk by bringing medical care directly to the patient’s home, where they are less likely to be exposed to infectious diseases.




It is a more cost-effective option for people need regular medical care because you don't have to spend money on transportation and other related costs. It can be more affordable than going to a hospital or clinic in some cases.


Our Doctor at Home Services


General Medicine


Get a full medical check-up with Justlife's Doctor At Home services for General Medicine. Our professional GP will take your full medical history, check your vital signs, provide a full clinical examination, and offer a normal prescription for oral treatment. Additional services may be required and charged separately.




Justlife's Doctor on Call provides expert pediatric care for your child with a licensed GP in the comfort of your own home. Our doctor will provide a full medical history and examination, as well as a management plan for your child's illness. Additional services, such as lab tests and injections, may be charged separately.




Justlife's Doctor at Home provides convenient GP services for ear, nose, and throat problems. You will receive a complete medical evaluation, including vital sign monitoring, clinical examination, and treatment plan. Additional services, such as laboratory tests and injections, may incur additional charges based on your individual needs.




Justlife's Doctor Home Service offers professional GP visits for skin conditions. Services include full medical history, vital signs check, clinical examination, and management plan. Additional services, such as lab tests and injections, may be charged separately based on the patient's needs.




Get specialized care for gynecological issues with Justlife's Doctor At Home. Our GP with specialized training in gynecology will provide a full medical history, vital sign check, clinical exam, and management plan for your condition.




No need to leave your home for surgery, Justlife's Doctor Home Service offers surgical procedures from our GP with extensive experience in surgical procedures. Services include full medical history, vital signs check, clinical exam, management plan, and normal prescriptions.


Get the medical care you need, when and where you need it with Justlife Doctor At Home. Book your appointment today and receive quality medical care in the comfort of your own home.


Included Services:

  •  Full Medical History.

  •  Vital Signs Check - blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and temperature.

  •  Full Clinical Examination.

  •  Full Management Plan for the Illness.

  •  Normal prescription for oral (non-controlled) treatment.



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