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Expert professionals offer you multiple services at your home. Manicures, pedicures, massage, and more; there are many service options under Justlife's Salon at Home. At Justlife, we care about your comfort and value your time.

So, let's examine what services you can benefit from and their inclusions and advantages. 



Beauty Salon Services at Home


Beauty is essential and valuable. You can get this service anywhere in your home, whenever you want. That's why, as Justlife, we offer you at-home beauty services. 



1. Manicure & Pedicure at Home


Our vaccinated and skilled professionals are always ready to give you home beauty service hygienicall with great care and high-quality tools and equipment.



1.1. Jelly Spa Manicure & Pedicure at Home


Depending on the skin and nails needs, Justlife offers different treatments. Best-quality products prevent nails from breaking, strengthen them against cold, and ensure healthy growth. They moisturize your skin wonderfully with the luxurious jelly bath used for your hands and feet. This way, they give you a high-quality manicure and pedicure experience.


1.2. Classic Manicure & Pedicure


It is a 90-minute service. It is done with a classic manicure and pedicure style. You will have clean fingernails and toenails at the end of these procedures.


1.3. Gel Polish Manicure & Pedicure


Gel nail polish with a fresh manicure and pedicure services makes your nails stay strong, and grow faster and healthier. It takes 130 minutes.


1.4. French Manicure & Pedicure


One of the most common manicure treatments in our daily lives is French. This type of manicure and pedicure, also reflected in our aesthetic understanding of French culture, is applied in many different colors today. However, the most classic design is applying a white strip of nail polish on the nails after fil and polish. A French manicure takes 50 minutes, French pedicure takes 60 minutes.


2. Acrylic Extension & Nail Polish Application at Home


2.1. Cut / File


It is a process that takes 15 minutes. Professionals file your nails with skillful hands and make your nails perfect.


2.2. Acrylic Extensions Removal (Hands or Feet)


It is the process of removing Acrylic Extensions/ Hard gel nails on your hands or feet in 60 minutes. Disposable sheets are used. Removal is done professionally without damaging your nail.


2.3. Acrylic Extensions Removal Combo


In 120 minutes, extensions on your hands and feet are removed smoothly. The package includes both your hands and feet.


2.4. Gel Polish Removal (Hands or Feet)


French or gel nail polish is the best because it is not damaging your nails. You can have your fingernails or toenails done. It takes 20 minutes.


2.5. Classic Polish Application (Hands or Feet)


There are many nail polish types and colors to suit your mood. You can ask for basic nail polish and request nail art as an additional service during the time of booking. Various nail polish color options are also available. Our expert team is always ready for you. Nail clipping/filler and OPI/Essie products are included in this package.


2.6. French-Polish Application (Hands or Feet)


French nail polish is also applied. Classic nail polish and French nail polish applications are also included.


2.7. Gel Polish Application (Hands or Feet)


CND Shellac Gel Polish is used. With this service, you can have long and hard nails. Your hands and feet will be dry and smudge-free right after the service.


2.8. Gel French Polish Application (Hands or Feet)


Of course, gel nail polish also has a French version, just like its classic. CND Shellac Gel Polish is also used in Gel French nail polish.



3. Massage at Home


Wouldn't you like to relax in your home? Our home service makes you feel at a massage parlour or on vacation in Thailand. Let's look at our special massage packages for you. That is why parlour services at home are the best option.


3.1. Head Massage


It is a massage that will remove all your stress and reduce headaches. Our experts can provide dry or oil massages according to your request. Our experts use disposable towels. Ready to relax for 20 minutes?


3.2. Foot Massage


Foot massage also takes 20 minutes. It stimulates all your muscles by increasing your blood circulation. With a foot massage, all your tension is reduced. Our experts can provide dry or oil foot massages.



4. Waxing at Home


We offer waxing services. This service is an excellent option for making your skin smooth without hurting or harming it. Moreover, we are working with the most professional experts in this business. We have 2 different types of waxing. You can choose honey or Rica. 


You can choose single-area waxing or full-body waxing packages. All are very affordable and easy to book.



5. Hair Services at Home


Did you think it was over? We also bring the hairdresser service to your home. We beautify you at home with our highly professional hairdressers. We have separate application packages for short hair and long hair. We have short hair Blow Dry, and Long Hair Blow Dry services, short and long hair blow dry with curls, and hair straightening services with Iron. In addition, we also provide L’Oréal Hair Spa service. This hair treatment takes 45 minutes. With this care, your hair follicles are strengthened, and your hair damaged by previous procedures will heal. You will feel like you are in a women's salon.



6. Facial Care & Treatment at Home


Facial care is just as critical as hair care. Want to brighten your skin or try skin-smoothing treatments? Our experts offer a service that deeply cleanses your face. We nourish and enrich your skin with vitamins. We smooth your skin and tighten the pores. For all of these, we have facial treatments that serve different purposes. You can also get skin care services from our experts at very affordable prices.



7. Henna Services at Home


We have 3 types of henna services types. Our first package is Arabic henna single-line design on your hand or foot. Our experts can apply henna on your hand or ankle. It takes 15 minutes.

The second package is the process in which more complex designs are made. You can have more different and original types of henna. The final package is the henna, which includes floral or geometric shapes. It is a process exhibited at the highest level.



8. Threading at Home


Much more than you would expect from home service. Our experts work with great care and high hygiene. We also provide threading service. You can get threading services for your entire face. It takes 15 minutes for the eyebrows, 10 minutes for the upper lip, and 25 minutes for the entire face.



Why Should You Book a Beauty Salon Service at Home?


First, you can use this service whenever you want. You don't have to get tired by going to a hairdresser and waiting for your appointment. You can determine the services you will receive in advance.


Moreover, purchasing services on the Justlife website is both fast and easy. In addition, the fees are very affordable. We are always with you, our customers, with a team of professional experts and affordable prices.



How Much Do Salon at Home Services Cost?


Manicure and pedicure services range from 150-350 AED. Nail extensions and nail polish applications also range from 20-100 AED. Massages are 59 AED.


Waxes range from AED 20-90 for single areas, while total body waxes range from Brazilian and without Brazilian. With Brazilian, it is 249 AED, without Brazilian, it is 179 AED.


Hair treatments also range from AED 75-120. L’Oréal hair spa is also 111 AED.


With Justlife, you can create a beauty salon at home. We offer you high-quality services, hygienic tools, and massages. We offer you a high-level experience with Justlife's expert team.


For more information about other services we provide, kindly visit: Women's Spa and Massage ServiceIV Therapy, Hair Salon at Home, Men's Salon, Men's Grooming, Men's Spa, Pet Grooming Service, Cat Grooming Service.


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