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Most of the time, cleaning means a lot of work but it's important to do it properly to keep your home and family healthy. And we know that it becomes a more challenging task if you live in a city such as Dubai, where dust sneakily waits on the corner to accumulate on your furniture, especially on dust-trapping items such as couches and carpets. Luckily, you don’t have to think about such problems anymore as Justlife provides you with well-trained professionals in cleaning the furniture! The only thing you have to do is to choose which furniture cleaning package suits your needs best. 



Why is Furniture Cleaning Important?


Have you ever heard that allergens such as dust and mold can accumulate in upholstery?  Also, bacteria can penetrate the fibers and, if left too long, can cause allergies or even diseases. If a family member is sensitive to dust or mold, it means double trouble for them. That’s the reason why professional furniture cleaning is important in a house. Fortunately, there is a very simple and quick solution to prevent such health problems and keep your family safe: regular furniture cleaning! 



Why Should You Hire Professionals for Furniture Cleaning?


Of course, you know what is best for your house but when it comes to complex processes such as furniture cleaning, you may need some extra help from a furniture company cleaning company that works with professionals. They know the best furniture cleaners, methods, and solutions for cleaning and stain removal from different surfaces such as cushions and carpets. Justlife professionals use special tools that clean furniture such as couches and curtains from stubborn stains while not damaging the fabric or causing discoloration.



Why Should You Choose Justlife for Your Furniture Cleanings?


On Justlife, you can book a furniture cleaning or any other services needed in less than 1 minute. Our well-trained cleaners will thoroughly clean your upholstery with the highest technology equipment and high-quality cleaning materials without any delay or additional cost. By choosing us, you will have peace of mind and your house will be treated kindly.



Furniture Cleaning Packages We Offer


Because your furniture accumulates most of the things that are in the environment of your house, it can be full of allergens that make you sick. Regular cleaning of the upholstery removes these and lets your furniture breathe. Thus, a professional furniture cleaning company should take care of it for you. We, as Justlife, take care of every piece of furniture you have in your home from pillows to mattresses and we offer different packages that suit everyone from a person who lives alone or who lives in a big house with a big family!



1. Furniture Packages


As the best furniture cleaning service company in the UAE, Justlife has a wide range of selection of furnish cleaning packages. Whether it is time for deep cleaning of your sofa or carpet, don’t worry, we got your back! 


For your basic needs, our Basic Package includes 60 minutes of vacuuming, wet-cleaning, and wet-vacuuming of a 3-seater sofa, 4 chairs, and a medium-sized carpet. 


If you don’t need a carpet cleaning, our economic Best Seller package offers a quick and efficient deep cleaning of your most used 3-seater sofa and 6 standard-sized cushions. 


For bigger families with larger sofas, we recommend the Family Package for cleaning. This package includes 50 minutes of deep cleaning that will get rid of all dust and bacteria of a 4-seater sofa and includes the cleaning of up to 8 standard-sized cushions.


We got you covered with our Majestic Package if you have a huge 5-seater sofa set and a large carpet to be deep cleaned and sanitized. 6 dining chairs are included in this 90 minutes package.


Wet-vacuuming is offered in all packages after a thorough cleaning to speed up the drying process. Special shampoos are used for scrubbing and cleaning different types of furniture to avoid any damage to the fabric.


2. Sofa Cleaning Packages


Prolonged exposure to odor, dirt, and grime can damage your upholstery. Thus, experts recommend following a 6 monthly cleaning schedule for the sofas. But if you have pets, you may need to clean your sofas even more often. To help you with this challenging task, furniture cleaning at home, we offer several sofa cleaning packages which consist of 4 cleaning steps: 

  • Dry-vacuuming

  • Wet cleaning with a special shampoo

  • Wet-vacuuming

  • Steam cleaning


You could choose the best sofa cleaning package among the four packages we offer. For the small fabric or leather single-seater sofa in your living room, you can book a Single Seat Package for 20 minutes of cleaning.


For the most used main 3 seater sofa in your living room, we have a 3 Seater Package of 30 minutes of deep cleaning.


If you have an oversized sofa, 50 minutes of 5 Seater Package is just what you need to remove all stains and bacteria.


If also the dining chairs need to be cleaned for tomorrow’s dinner invitation, you should add 10 minutes of the Dining Chairs Package to the basket while booking. 



3. Mattress Cleaning Packages


Did you know that the item where you sleep might be full of germs and dust mites? Plus, the lack of indoor air circulation in Dubai means your mattress is more vulnerable to all kinds of pests and fungal spores. Even if people rarely think of cleaning mattresses, the solution to all types of pest attacks is to undertake mattress cleaning once in 3-4 months. Fortunately, our professional cleaners know the best when it comes to cleaning a mattress! 


We offer cleaning service packages for all sizes of mattresses. Whether you have a single, king-size, queen size or baby crib mattress, we will get rid of all the odor, germs, and hidden microbes. While single bed and baby crib mattresses can be thoroughly cleaned in 30 minutes, cleaning a queen or king-size mattress might take around 40-45 minutes. Thus, we designed our packages accordingly.


During the mattress cleaning process, our professional crew uses special cleaning equipment such as a high-power vacuum cleaner. After trapping the dust and mites, cleaning continues with the removal of stains with a hot water extraction process. At the last stage, a non-chemical disinfectant is used to sanitize the mattress and kill all the viruses.



4. Curtain Cleaning Packages


Justlife offers packages for curtain cleaning depending on their sizes. Small, medium, large and x-large curtains are handled with delicacy by our professionals. Dry or wet curtain cleaning is performed to remove all the dust and stains. You are advised to let us know during the booking what type of cleaning is required in your house. However, we do not recommend dry furniture cleaning for people with respiratory diseases. Cleaning usually takes 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the curtain size. If you have a custom-made curtain and need a professional to measure it, an expert from our team would be happy to visit your house. Please be aware that if your curtains are larger than the sizes stated in our packages, the price calculation will be redone. 



5. Carpet Cleaning Packages


Most of us can’t clean our carpets properly without the professional help of a company that provides furniture cleaning services or strong suction vacuum cleaners. Vacuuming may be enough to sweep the dust but not enough to remove all the dirt, bacteria, and sickening germs. That’s why professional carpet cleaning is essential not only for maintaining a clean and vivid look of the rugs but also for your family's health.


Justlife offers four different packages for different-sized carpets ranging from 5 meters to 16 meters. During the cleaning process, as a first step, our professionals examine your carpet to avoid any possible damage and to use the right products. Then, our crew will use a strong vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust that penetrated your carpet. After spot treatment and shampooing, any remaining water and dust particles will be gotten rid of by strong suction. To ensure the best result and customer satisfaction, a final check is carried out.



How Much Does Furniture Cleaning Cost?


Furniture cleaning prices depend on the amount of furniture in your home and its size. Justlife offers reliable cleaning services at affordable prices. The price of our packages varies from AED 35 to AED 549. Here is a quick list of home furniture cleaning prices:


  • Dining chairs: AED 35

  • A small curtain: AED 105

  • 3 Seater Sofa: AED 189


Booking furniture cleaning service will give you an insight into what you can expect at the end of the day. To get more detailed info, please visit Justlife app or Justlife website.


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