How to Declutter Your House

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When you spend some time at home, you may realize that things are starting to seem a little crowded. Laptops, toys, and other items are invading your kitchen. You may feel cramped and think to yourself “How am i going to organize the house?”, or maybe you’re thinking about hiring a cleaning service, like Justlife. We're going to provide some tips to help you declutter and organize your home, decrease stress and make more space in your house. Let's get this party started:


  • Categorize Your Clutter

There are many steps to reach the answer to the question; “How to organize home?”. The first is to plan ahead. Start by categorizing your clutter into three categories: rubbish, recycling, and out of place. To get rid of rubbish, simply grab a trash bag and stuff all you think are rubbish. Get a separate trash bag for the things that can be recycled. Afterward, simply take the things that are out of place, such as winter clothes during summer and coffee mugs in the bedroom, to their appropriate places.


  • Optimize Your Space

The first step to organizing a home is to organize your kitchen first, as it is the heart of your house. To make the most of the space within your presses, add items like spice racks to the back of your cabinet doors, rotating units, and extending rails. Install your bins in the press beneath your sink and just leave everyday items on the kitchen counter, such as the kettle and toaster. To completely declutter your kitchen, get rid of any gadgets you haven't used in over a year, donate any extra plates, etc., clear out your fridge, and get rid of those unidentified spice jars you don't use.


Wherever possible, use your walls for storage. Install a pots and pans rack in the kitchen, a toiletry cabinet in the bathroom, coat and bag hooks on the hallway wall, and shoe racks on the walls. Keep in mind that storing too many items on your walls might make your home appear even more cluttered than before. Remember to sort your items into the three categories mentioned before.


  • Declutter Your Bathroom

It only takes 20 minutes every few months to maintain your bathroom clutter-free. Remove any things that you haven't used in a long time or at all from your bathroom shelves, shower basin, window sill, and wherever else. Let this serve as a reminder that you do not require as many goods or toiletries as you believe.


  •  Try To Live Minimalistic

You'll realize when you've decluttered your home that you have much too much stuff, to begin with. When shopping, keep in mind that you should only buy what you truly require. If you don't bring junk and clutter into your home, it won't be able to get in.


How to declutter your home and home cleaning may be hard for some people and this is totally understandable. Some people simply don’t have time to declutter their homes or they just don’t like cleaning. If this is the case, it may be wise to hire a maid service that will keep your house organized and clutter-free. When you think of maid service or house cleaning, you should think of Justlife! Justlife, with its expert cleaning crew, flexible working hours, and affordable prices, is willing to help you live a clutter-free life. You’ll be saving time for life, with Justlife.


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