Clear Your Room Under 30 Minutes With These 5 Tips

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Room cleaning may appear complex, but you can clean entirely and quickly with a basic strategy. First, examine your available space and how much time you have to spend on the endeavour. Then, if you plan ahead of time, you can get a lot done in a short amount of time! But if you don’t think you have any spare time to clean your room thoroughly, you can also enlist the services of a professional cleaning service, such as Justlife. Here are 5 room cleaning tips


  • Clean The Trash First

Bring a garbage bag inside the room and pick up rubbish. Getting rid of the garbage will free up your time to focus on cleaning instead of worrying about spills or soiling your linens.


  • Tidy Up Your Bed

An uncluttered bed sets the room's tone with a silky blanket and clean pillows. You should change your bedding frequently, so do it whenever you clean your room. If not, shake it out on the floor to freshen it before making the bed. You may also use a clean bed to put your items on top, such as picture frames or books, which can be neatly lined up and readily replaced after cleaning.


  • Get Everything In Order

Straighten bedside objects like lamps, and return all kitchen things to their proper locations. Clothing should be thrown in the washing or placed in a pile in your closet for future folding. Start a sorting pile with items from other rooms that you may want to remove and deal with later if it is appropriate.


  • Dust and Wipe The Surfaces

To clean your furniture thoroughly, you should use microfiber dust wipes: dust furniture, a TV, bookshelves, and picture frames with pre-cut and folded microfiber towels. Dusting and wiping the surfaces will help you avoid illnesses.


  • Vacuum The Floor

The floor should be vacuumed or swept. Cleaning and mopping the floor is a necessary step since many dust and crumbs collect here. A brief circuit of the space should be enough. Go for a second spin if you have more time.

If you still find cleaning your room a daunting task or simply find no time to do so, you can get the help of a home cleaning professional. You may struggle to choose between the many services available to you, but we tell you that Justlife is the choice to go! With flexible working hours, you can decide when Justlife cleaning professionals will offer you their cleaning services. Justlife cleaning professionals are, as the name suggests, experts in their line of work and will help you have a more orderly and cleaner home. So, save time for life with Justlife.


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